6 Spring Cleaning Tips- Explained!

Imagine the birds singing outside and the flowers are blooming, but your house is still all dirty! You’re in need of some cleaning tips! It’s more like a tradition to do spring cleaning. Do you know the reason? Well, my grandma said it is for a pleasant and neat head start for summer.

And, mostly we all know that spring is not all about magnificent flowers and heartwarming scenery. It’s the season when various bacterial and allergic diseases roam around in the air. Hence, spring cleaning is the best way to protect ourselves from these diseases.  Now without any further ado, I would like to share 6 spring cleaning tips that will help you to enjoy the upcoming summertime!

6 Effective Cleaning Tips

In this beautiful yet rainy season, you gotta tighten your pants because it’s time for a good old-fashioned spring cleaning. Filter out all the nasty dirt built in over the winter season. And how are you gonna do that? Well, for your further help I have discovered nuggets full of cleaning tips with precision. So, why we are waiting? Let’s wade through them one by one!

Make a To-Do checklist

Everything depends on the proper organization. Hence, if you make a brief to-do checklist regarding which parts need deep cleaning and from which corner and floor you are gonna start, it will help you to accomplish all the tasks in order. Now, in the list, you might dream of cleaning your entire house including the garage. But trust me it will take a lot of time and my legs gonna feel numb as well.

Thus, you need to divide the floors, rooms, corners, and outdoor cleaning into a different section. It’s wise to start with the hall room. Keep aside the big furniture before starting, because mostly the bugs take shelter beneath them. It’s definitely hectic but trust me you won’t regret it.

Decide what tasks you plan to hire help to complete like cleaning windows. Some cleaning chores can be done better by a professional, like window cleaning in Cincinnati. Not only does the job get done better, but you’ll save time for other tasks.

De-clutter Junk

Yes, sometimes decluttering is emotional as some of our old stuff comes with many memories. And, we can’t get past those. But organizing yourself with new, fresh and productive things will help you move through this process. Now, the first thing you need to do is organize closets. If possible, give them a mild wash or a hot sunbath. These will help to prevent allergy problems caused by cloth bugs. Next, declutter unnecessary junk from your house. Even if it’s old furniture. Lastly, clean all your laundry baskets and put away clothes and linens where they belong.

Clean the Ceilings and Walls

Start from the top to the bottom. This way all the dirt and dust is wiped away instead of having it getting clean areas dirty over and over. You can use a handheld and adjustable cleaning mop to do the ceiling. Wipe away dust from ceiling lights and get all the cobwebs cleaned away.

It’s not often your home’s walls get a good cleaning. Spring cleaning is a perfect time to wipe down your walls. It removes dirty marks and dust from daily traffic. Likewise, give artwork a more thorough cleaning than your weekly dusting. Carefully wipe glass and frames with a glass cleaner and cloth. Artificial, silk floral wreaths can be gently washed in warm water and a bit of dish detergent in your bathtub.  

Vacuum Cleaning is the Key

Vacuuming floors get all the dirt, grit, grass tracked in from outside and food crumbs dropped during snacking.  You can use a powerful and smart vacuum cleaner that removes all that pet hair along with grime while cleaning the air. Moreover, vacuum cleaners are portable and supremely mobile to stroll around. Cleaningpicks has some wonderful articles about vacuum cleaning.

While you’re vacuuming, make sure to get to the edges, corners, and behind furniture. That’s where the dust hides from the quick weekly sweeping. And, you might find where all your pet’s toys have disappeared.

Stay Green this Spring

Staying green means opt for natural cleaning. And in this regard, nothing compares to steam cleaning. Without adding any harmful chemicals you can get rid of the gross grimes and grits easily.

Meantime, you are saving money as you no longer need expensive detergents. A steam mop works well on both wood and tile, cleaning them without the worry of water damage.

Give your Attention to the Kitchen, walls and windows!

Lastly, clean the kitchen sinks, faucets, walls and windows. Use mild soap, soak a soft sponge into it and start scrubbing the mess from all over the mentioned places.

Sometimes, you are going to notice sticky and stubbornly grease over the kitchen walls. In this case, use a strong dispenser.

That’s a wrap then. I hope these tips will be enough helpful to have a clean, healthy and spring fresh home.

Wish You a Wonderful Spring

While these tips may not include all the details of spring cleaning. These are the 6 tips that will help you to tackle some main areas of your house and help avoid some of the seasonal allergies and illnesses that try to sneak in.


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