6 Steps to Build a Drug-Free Life

6 Steps to Build a Drug-Free Life

There’s no denying that drugs take you to hell disguised as heaven. Nevertheless, recovery from drug addiction is often extremely challenging, but it can be incredibly rewarding since you get to start over. Getting better also allows you to find a new purpose in life and make a better future for yourself and those around you.

Unfortunately, taking the first step towards recovery is often the most challenging step. You may often feel like you’re buried in pitch-black darkness, and there may be no light at the end of the tunnel. It is then that you should consider the countless opportunities and possibilities that await you after recovery.

Your willpower must be fully devoted to seeking treatment and overcoming addiction. Addiction to drugs is the most severe of all addictions. This experience can transform your life and alter the way your brain functions. Recovering from addiction can be difficult both mentally and physically. However, the end result will always be worth it.

Relapse makes it nearly impossible to become drug-free again. So, you must maintain complete abstinence once you are drug-free to avoid relapse at all costs. In most addicts, drug use and abuse are often accompanied by eating disorders. A person may lose their appetite or eat double what they normally consume, followed by abnormal body functions. Several treatment centers offer support for addiction and eating disorders, both at the same time. Experts here assess your mental and physical state and determine the best treatment plan for you.

Read on to learn more about how you can lead a drug-free lifestyle.

Build Strong Tries With The Recovery Community

Seeing other addicts on their path to recovery is a great source of inspiration. When you are around people who have similar goals, you can learn from their experiences, set new goals, and adapt to the recovery better. Recovery community members have a very positive attitude towards life, and they might just be able to convince you to do the same. Maybe your own recovery story will inspire other addicts as well. But, regardless of the length of your sobriety, never lose touch with the recovery community.

Find A Productive Hobby

The only way not to think about drugs is to distract you with something better, fruitful, and meaningful. If you keep yourself busy with an activity that brings you joy, you will have no time to do drugs. While it may sound quite convenient on the surface, it can prove to be extremely challenging. Slowly and steadily, you will find solace in the new hobbies you adopt and eventually distance yourself from addiction-related thoughts. Explore your creative side. Do things you never considered doing in your life. Surprise yourself and others around you.

Adopt A Pet

Adopting pets has many advantages. For starters, people with pets are less likely to die of heart attacks. They’re also therapeutic and help you cope with trauma. But most importantly, you’ll have a friend who won’t judge you for your addiction. In addition, if you have a cute pet at home, more people would be interested in hanging out with you. So, if you’re not allergic to pet residue, adopt a pet.

Pets may be a cute addition to your home, but taking care of them is not an easy feat and will keep you on your toes every day. While it may seem like a lot of work for the mundane, it can be quite a great opportunity for addicts. No matter how small the pet is, watching it and feeding it keeps one busy all day. It also teaches one empathy and care.

Even if one feels their future is bleak, pets will give them a reason to smile. There’s nothing more satisfying than walking into the house to find your dog or cat waiting for you at the doorstep after a long day.

Invest Time In Fitness

Exercise releases endorphins in your body, which gives you a feeling of well-being. The feel-good chemicals endorphins cause feelings of happiness and elation. The benefits of exercise extend not only to your physical health but also to your mental well-being. Joining a gym or going for a jog would be ideal. However, you may find it challenging, given that you have a very packed schedule during your recovery. In this case, it is recommended to exercise on alternative days for at least three days a week. You will benefit from this routine even after you’re back on your feet. People who exercise are also less susceptible to disease and illnesses.

Eat Well

Drug addiction can distort your diet completely. You are likely to experience symptoms of an eating disorder which means you will either eat too much all the time or you won’t eat at all. Since your diet is the number one factor influencing your health, you’ll need to invest some effort to get it back on track. Keep your body nourished by eating three meals a day. However, ensure that you’re majorly consuming healthy foods. Don’t eat portions too large or too small. Try to maintain a balance.

Maintain A Healthy Sleep Pattern

Half of your state of mind is influenced by when you sleep and how long you sleep. Establish a time frame to go to bed every day and not deviate from it.

Set the alarm to wake you up in the morning and follow it faithfully. Ensure you sleep 7 to 9 hours every night.

Keep your phone far away from you before you go to bed. It emits radiation, and the screens emit blue light, which interferes with your circadian rhythm. You are less likely to relapse if you have a regular sleep cycle.

Don’t eat right before you sleep, as it puts you in a digestion state that may prevent you from getting to sleep.

The Bottom Line

Adopting a drug-free lifestyle is not easy, but it is well worth the effort. Even though addiction treatment is the real deal, several changes in your lifestyle can also impact your recovery.

Start by joining a recovery community and stay in touch with them even after you’ve recovered. Keep yourself busy by doing something productive. Maintain a loving relationship with a furry friend who won’t judge you. Maintain a healthy diet, stay active, and don’t sleep too late. You get to have a whole new take on life with the best version of yourself.

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