6 Things to Consider when Organizing a Kitchen

The kitchen must be one of the most comfortable rooms in your home! Everybody likes spending long, cozy family evenings over the cup of tea there. Plus, if you cook a lot, you need not only a convenient but efficiently organized place. You want to reach appliances and get ingredients without thinking where you put it last time! We know how annoying it is to scratch around for necessary stuff! Organizing a kitchen is key to cooking efficiently.

That’s why we’ve asked leading designers and chefs who write their own personal travel blogs to share ideas on how to organize a kitchen well. Make your cooking effective and easy! Read on!

1. Decluttering And Cleaning Is A Must

It’s the very first step to your well-organized kitchen. Arm yourself with various cleaning items; remember that for different surfaces, you’ll need different solutions, e.g., ice maker cleaning solution for an ice maker, etc. Otherwise, you may damage appliances!

When you finish the big clean up, reevaluate every item in your kitchen! Are you sure that you want all that stuff? Maybe you would like to donate something? Everyone has kitchen gadgets or utensils that are not really needed, give them away.

2. Place Items Logically

Now when your kitchen is neat and free of never-used things, it’s time to position everything correctly. Our experts in their personal travel blogs recommend putting products and appliances that you often use at an eye-level, or where you can comfortably reach them. Keep things that you don’t use every now and then in less accessible cabinets, or even out of the kitchen.

3. Put Every Surface To Work

Look carefully around. Do every surface in your kitchen work efficiently? Our designers in their personal travel blogs suggest using under-sink space, walls, pantry, and cupboards doors as additional storage places.

  • Mount hooks and holders or a hanging rack on the walls and cupboard doors
  • Install a clear shoe organizer on the pantry door
  • Make the under-sink area more convenient and useful due to handy pull out units
  • Don’t forget about dividers and drawer organizers – they keep things mega accessible.

Be creative, and you will make even a small kitchen super comfortable!

4. Organize Your Kitchen By Tasks

Spend lots of time on finding items in the kitchen? Here is a solution – create task zones! According to the personal travel blogs of our designers, there must be a food storage zone, a cooking zone, a baking zone, and a dish zone. You’ll always know where to look for specific items, and even your children or guests will be able to navigate in the kitchen quickly.

5. Organize the Fridge

There are different spots for different food in the fridge. For example, you should keep dairy products on the upper shelf, where the temperature is constant; meat must be kept in the bottom – it’s colder there, plus, leaks won’t contaminate other food. Store ready meals in the glass containers with lids – it’ll prevent unwanted smell and keep food fresh longer.

Create a message board on the fridge, write there what leftovers you have and what you are going to use them for. This way you won’t forget about it and avoid wasting food.

6. On-going Cleaning As A Habit

Every item has to know its home! Put pots and pans away after each use, don’t leave anything on the worktops. Do you always have lots of little things on the counter? Put a decorative vase or plate for them. However, don’t forget to clean through it in a week and through away nothings.  We hope these simple tips will come handy, and you’ll create a comfortable space and a productive atmosphere in your kitchen!

Have you got your own hacks for organizing a kitchen? Please, share them with us in the comment section below!

About the author:

Mary Garden has been working as a chef for 15 years. Cooking and following the newest kitchen appliances are her hobbies. Other than that, Mary adores traveling and learning ethnic foods. She writes her personal travel blogs.

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