6 Tips for Choosing the Right Tig Welder


6 Tips for Choosing the Right Tig Welder

Let’s face it; some hobbies are expensive. They require you to shell out a lot of money for the equipment and accessories you need to get the job done right. I know this because I currently own three expensive hobbies that I enjoy in my spare time. And while all three of them have a variety of tools and gadgets associated with them, one in particular – welding – has some rather large purchases associated with it. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced welder and fabricator, if you’re looking for tig welders for sale, let me share some tips with you about how to choose the right one.

Determine What Type of Welding You’ll Do Most

The very first thing to consider when buying your first tig welding machine is what type of material you’ll be working with most often. The difference in materials will guide you toward selecting either an AC or DC tig welder. Aluminum requires alternating current (AC), while steel requires direct current (DC). There are many welders available that can do both AC and DC, but these units tend to cost more than those that only perform one type of weld.

Know what you’re using it for

It sounds obvious, but there are many different types of welding projects that require different types of welders.  If you’re only welding aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, you probably don’t need a high-end multi-process welder with all the bells and whistles.

Check reviews

Welding is a huge industry, so there are plenty of resources out there for people who want to know more about welding equipment.  There are lots of websites where professional welders post reviews of their equipment and discuss their experiences with various machines.

Have A Plan Before You Start Shopping

Before you head out shopping for your next tig welder, you need to come up with a plan. How are you going to use the welder? What type of projects are you working on? What features do you need and what features do you want? The more questions that you answer before you start looking at welders, the easier it will be to find one that meets your needs. Since many types of tig welders are available, it is important to have a plan and a set budget before you begin shopping.

Think About Your Budget

It should not come as a surprise that welding equipment can be quite expensive. However, it is possible to save money when buying a welder by choosing a more budget-friendly model, buying used equipment, and looking for sales. There are many low-cost options available for those who know where to look. Although it may take some extra time and effort, it is possible to find a quality tig welder at an affordable price.

Choose an AC/DC power source

The most versatile welders run on both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). The AC setting makes it easier to weld aluminum, which is great if you plan to use your welder on many different materials. However, if you mainly plan on working with steel, iron, and stainless steel, DC might be enough.

The first question to ask yourself when choosing a tig welder is what kind of metal do you plan on welding? There are so many different kinds of metal, including steel, aluminum, copper, etc. It’s important that you get the best welder for your needs. If you are going to be welding aluminum, then you will want a tig welder that can handle aluminum. If you plan on welding steel, then you will want a tig welder that is able to handle steel.

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