6 Tips for Making the Exterior of Your Home Look Stunning

With summer fast approaching, it’s the time of year where spring cleaning is complete, winter clothes have been packed away and light is flooding into your home. The only part that’s left to perfect is your house’s exterior.

6 Tips for Making the Exterior of Your Home Look Stunning

It can seem like a daunting task to begin any repair work to damages that might have been sustained through a blustery winter, or to set about tidying up your garden, but there is little better than the feeling of accomplishment when you step back and take in how stunning your home is.

Touch up the Facade

What draws the eye from street level is the façade of your house. After weathering the winter and unpredictable spring months, it could likely do with some touching up. A lick of paint never goes amiss, nor a coating of protection on any wooden exteriors like doors and window frames. If there has been any damage to your roof, get it checked out by roofing contractors as it’s not something to attempt yourself. The exterior of your home should ‘pop’, catching the eye of passers-by.

Garden Management

If you haven’t already, it’s time to get that lawn mower out, the hedge trimmers and the spade at the ready and the hosepipe unfurled. Having a pristine, vibrant garden is the bread and butter of the front or back of your home. If you’re living somewhere without a garden — perhaps a balcony or a yard instead — then set yourself up with some potted plants. Reading online resources and books from the library about how to look after individual plants is always a clever tactic.

Keep it Clean and Tidy

Even the most stunning garden or home exterior would be ruined by loose garbage. Clean up any litter that has fallen in front of your house and hose down your drive if possible. Keeping doorways and driveways clear makes your house look tidy (even if it isn’t on the inside!) and welcoming.

Stay Current

Get with the times when decorating your house. If there’s a sporting event on, set out your flags to cheer on the States. If it’s holiday season, think about lights, trees and stand out decorations. Although you should be staying topical and making a statement, sometimes less is more. You don’t want to be aggravating your neighbors, keeping them up all night with a bright, shining Santa sleigh.

Windowsill Decorations

This is especially relevant for homes without a front garden, but for those that do they are still the icing on the floral cake. Keep your windows clean and sparkling, complementing them with exciting and colorful window boxes. Keep window boxes fed and watered and change them around the calendar to get year-round flora and foliage.

Sort out storage

If possible, try not to store too much out in front of your home. It blocks the view, can look cluttered and, if it’s valuable, invites unwanted attention. Keeping your vehicle in a garage is best, but if that isn’t an option, consider having it down the side or around the back of your house. The same goes for bins and garden utensils: you’re using them to make your home look lovely, but you don’t need your neighbors to see them.

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