6 Tips to Keep in Mind When Adopting a Cat

If you’re thinking about finding a furry feline to add to your family, you have a lot of work ahead of you. Other than brainstorming name ideas, you’ll need to think about how you’ll take care of it and give it the best life possible.

Here’s what you need to think about before taking home a cat from the pet store or local shelter. These six tips will not only help your cat become adjusted to the new environment but also help you prepare for this huge undertaking!

1) Prepare for the Long Haul

A cat is basically a long-term roommate, so you should be ready for a commitment. Adjust your budget to accommodate for vet visits, treats, food, kitty litter, toys, and more.

Cats are indeed low fuss, but they still require plenty of attention and health checkups.

2) Prepare Your Home

Cats are territorial animals, so it can be stressful for them to enter a new space. Before bringing a new cat home, create a safe space in your house to make it feel more comfortable upon arrival.

A quiet spot that is fully stocked with toys, a litter box, water, and food will help them get familiar with the new sights and smells of your home.

You should have cat food available when they arrive. According to https://catpet.club/best-kitten-food/, the best food for your cat is dry kibble with plenty of nutrients.

3) Adopt, Don’t Shop

There is a misconception out there that shelter animals have behavioral or physical problems, but this is hardly the case. Many animals wind up in shelters in the first place due to transitions or challenges that a previous owner faced that caused them to give up their pet.

When a person loses their job or has to move, they sometimes can’t keep their pet. This is in no way a poor reflection on the animal that is now in need of a new home; help them out by adopting!

4) Research the Shelter

Visit the shelter you want to adopt from in person before committing. Seeing the facility will verify that animals there look visibly healthy.

Chat with the shelter employees to see how familiar they are with each animal’s behavior and health. Shelters that don’t do proper disease testing and behavior assessments might not give you enough information to make sure you adopt a cat that best suits your lifestyle.

5) Know the Qualities You’re Looking For

Every adoption can be successful if you go into it with an open mind, but also know the ideal qualities you are looking for in your new family member. Before falling in love with the cutest kitten at the shelter, make sure you assess the needs of your family.

Are you away from your home often? Do you have young children? Do you have other cats or dogs? None of these things should prevent you from adopting a cat, but they will change the animal you bring home.

6) Consider Bonded Cats

If you’re already jumping in, why not do it with both feet? Some cats bond with each other, whether they are siblings or hit it off when they met and became fast friends.

Having two cats give both animals mental stimulation, exercise, and feline social interaction. This additional companionship is especially helpful if you work during the week or are otherwise occupied.

The Tip Most New Pet Owners Forget

As a new owner, you should always remember to be patient with your new pet. From interacting with your family to remembering the location of their litter box, your new furry friend is experiencing new sounds, smells, and people.

Give them some time to learn the ropes. Have patience with them as they learn, and before you know it you will be rewarded with an amazing long-lasting relationship.

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