6 Trendy Ideas On 2020 For Your Outdoor Pool Decor


Now that you have your swimming pool built, the next plan is to decorate the area. With the right decors, you can transform your pool area into a perfect haven for family gatherings. Are you still thinking of ways to design this area of your home? If yes, you might like to consider one of the following trendy pool decor ideas – these can go well with different types of pool, whether you have a concrete, vinyl, or custom made fiberglass pool. Pools are a popular feature in both the USA and Australia that require upkeep. Look into pool repairs gold coast if you live in that region of Australia. Now let’s talk about making your pool area inviting and beautiful!

1. Boho Chic

Boho is a French shorthand term for bohémien, which refers to the people of Bohemia and their nomadic lifestyle in a region in the Czech Republic. As they traverse the region and the UK, they usually collect artisan items, which they use and integrate into their daily life. Hence, as a decorative inspiration, the Bohemian style emphasizes diversity in materials and colors. Chic, on the other hand, means elegance. Bring these two designs together to give your pool area a festive and elegant vibe. You can have a colorful Persian rug, mosaic decor, and jute rug. Add a cacti lantern, tassel hammock, accents, and some bean bags for the area to look elegant.

2. Grillmaster’s Getaway

If you’re looking forward to having backyard meals and BBQ parties, consider following the Grillmaster’s Getaway design. This will turn your pool area into a chef’s paradise. The first step is to have the right grill and accessories. Metal bar tables and tools are perfect seating options to enjoy BBQs, burgers, and pizza. Have a bocce set, horseshoes, and other outdoor game equipment. Then, don’t forget to install good lighting to continue your party even until after sundown.

3. Caribbean Retreat

Pristine beaches, tropical greenery, and sunshine are the first things that come to mind when we talk about the Caribbean. It would be great to visit one of the Caribbean Islands with your family. But if you can’t yet, turn your pool area into a place that resembles the tropical and festive vibes of the Caribbean. Line up pine trees near the pool deck and the custom-made fiberglass pool. Then, set up the hammocks. Consider having outdoor sofas with tropical throw pillows and wicker teardrop chairs as seating options. Then wrap up the pool decor design with some outdoor rugs and potted flowering plants.

4. Zen

Derived from the principles of the Japanese Mahayana Buddhism, Zen design emphasizes the importance of intuition and meditation. By following a Zen design for your pool area, you’ll be able to create for yourself and your loved ones a perfect place to unwind, relax, calm the mind, and spend some quiet time for reflection. You can add fountains and other water features to have more sources of ambient nature sounds. Plant flowering plants and trees that can help you reflect on nature’s dynamic beauty. Opt for shrubs and bushes that give off a refreshing scent. For your seating options, consider having Zaisu chairs, a pergola, and an Asahi bench.

5. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Eco-friendly and minimalist living is also a growing trend today, considering the sustainability and low-carbon footprint advocacies. To apply these concepts to your pool deck design, start by opting for reclaimed and recycled items as decor materials. If you’re planning to have outdoor kitchen equipment and entertainment appliances, power these up with solar power. Hire an expert to come up with a water recycling system that will turn the greywater from your custom-made fiberglass pool into a landscape irrigation source.

Even if you maintain proper water recycling treatment, sometimes you notice algae grow on the wall of your pool. These results pool water green, cloudy, or yellow. Can you swim in pool water that’s green or cloudy? Of course not!! Nobody wants to swim in a dirty pool. Use a pool suction cleaner that removes algae and dirt. In this way, you can ready your pool for any of your family gatherings with sparkling water.

6. Modern

Give your pool area an edgy, modern look. Install submersible LED pool lights and water fountains to enjoy a display of lights during your nighttime swims. You can have flat-screen TV and sub-woofers for an outdoor family party, film showing, or disco by the pool at night.

With the right design inspiration, you can turn the pool area into an instant holiday destination for the family. Whatever design you’ve chosen, be sure to consult an expert to look into how the design will affect the maintenance routines you might need for the pool in the future.

Are you now eager to carry out one of these designs for your pool decor? If yes, start contacting experts who can help you. Call a pool contractor to create the design and come up with a list of pool deck supplies to buy.

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