6 Ways To Cool Your Home Amid The American Standard AC Supply Shortage

6 Ways To Cool Your Home Amid The American Standard AC Supply Shortage As summer approaches, you can anticipate the room to warm up, making you feel uncomfortable during the day. While having an AC will help cool down a room, it might not be feasible, especially with the current American standard AC supply shortage. With that, you may find the entire day to be comfortable and extremely hot.

Using an AC is one of the most popular and easiest ways to cool down a room. While you can look for an American Standard Air dealer, you may not be able to guarantee a purchase, especially with the shortage. With that, you need to look for different ways on how you can keep your home cool during the day.

Moreover, listed below are the ways that can help you cool your home amid the American Standard AC supply shortage:

Close And Cover Your Windows

Although you may think that opening the window helps promote wind circulation in your home, it may only allow heat to enter the room and make you uncomfortable. At this point, your main goal should be to stop any heat from entering by closing the windows and covering them with the correct curtains.

Ideally, you should choose a window treatment to effectively black out the sunlight and heat from coming inside your home. You can go for thermal curtains or shades, and it should help prevent warmth from entering the room. However, you need to set your expectations as it’ll not completely block out any heat but rather help to reduce their presence at a great percentage.

Utilize Fans

Apart from HAVC systems, which can be costly, you can consider using adding fans inside your room. Since fans come in various sizes, types and uses, knowing what fan is best for you, is necessary. For instance, if your home lacks enough floor space, installing wall or ceiling fans might be the best option for you.

To achieve maximum air circulation, blade fans could help. Since electronic or tower fans may only work best with AC power. Don’t worry, as they’re affordable in the market and will last for quite some time. However, you need to be careful, especially if you have plenty of kids around, as they might poke their fingers through the gaps, which can cause accidents.

Cook Outside

Cooking inside your kitchen might be a standard procedure during meal times. However, with the intense heat, it would be better if you could cook your meals outside. In this way, you can eliminate the presence of additional heat inside.

While it might be tempting to cook for roasting or creating a slow-cooked dish, you should try to postpone it or consider bringing the oven outside. While that may be an added work, it’ll keep your home at an optimal temperature and prevent making the room feel like a giant pressure cooker.

As you cook outside and do all of the work, you might want to cope with the American Standard AC 5 ton shortage properly by bringing any existing AC for repair. Hopefully, it’ll suffice to get you through the heat and be comfortable during the day.

Maximize Ice In Your Kitchen

Ice cubes are widely used to make your drinks cold. Apart from cooling your beverages, using ice can also help keep you cool during the intense heat of the summer season. As you turn on your fan, you can place a bowl of ice in front of it. By so doing, it will breathe a cool breeze right in your direction. You will feel refreshed and cool without relying on your AC all the time.

Moreover, add a micro absorbent towel right beneath the bowl of ice to capture any moisture that the bowl will release from the intense temperature. This idea will help to prevent any puddle, which can cause slips or damage to your carpet, or your hardwood floors, which might cause you to spend more on repairs and replacements.

Install An Awning

In addition to using insulated curtains to prevent heat from entering your home, you should also consider adding an awning. In this way, you can maximize your room cooling ideas and prevent heat from entering the interior. With the current AC shortage, this should suffice in helping you keep the room cooler. To give you an insight, you may choose to watch this video to prepare yourself for such shortfall:

The sunlight entering your home will not only bring natural light to the interior, but also provide heat. Before allowing your curtains to do their work, you could try to add another line of defense through the awning. With this, not only can you keep the room from heating, but it can also add beauty to your home’s exterior.

Change Your Bulbs

If your home still uses incandescent lights, the room will be hotter than usual every time you turn it on. It will feel like an incubator, which can make you uncomfortable. To reduce the heat inside your home, you should consider switching to LED bulbs as they don’t release heat upon opening. Although they may be an expensive bulb, they can provide several benefits for your home. For instance, it may reduce your electricity bills since it consumes very little wattage.


With the intense heat, doing the things that you usually do might be impossible and uncomfortable. Ideally, you should be able to do your normal routine with ease. However, with shortage like what’s happening to American Standard AC supplies, you may need to look for alternatives to continue to live your day-to-day activities without any issues.

While purchasing a brand-new AC is not an option, you should try everything to keep the room cool by keeping sunlight and heat away, along with implementing ways to keep you from sweating. While it might be an added work, it should suffice rather than enduring with the heat.

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