6 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Summer

6 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Summer

Summer weather can be extreme no matter where you live. While many of us prepare ourselves with summer clothing and sunblock, it’s important to think about your home as well. By preparing your property for extra sun and storm exposure, you can make the warmer months easier and more relaxing. Can your home handle the heat? If you need to prepare your house for the warmer months, read on. Here we provide 6 handy tips to prepare your home for summer.

1. Bug-Proof your Home

All sorts of insects and outdoor critters love the sun, so when summer arrives, so do the bugs. Unfortunately, they also like to take shelter from the sun in the cool of your home. Be prepared by bug-proofing your home in advance.

To do this, have a good look around your house from the outside to check that it’s properly sealed. Look out for cracks, particularly around windows and door frames. You may be able to fill small cracks yourself with caulk, but you could also hire a professional for larger areas of cracking or damage.

2. Get your Heating and Cooling System in Order

You want to make sure your climate control system is in top working order before you really need it.

You can perform basic maintenance and cleaning yourself, but if your system is a little worse-for-wear, it’s worth hiring a professional to fix any issues. It may be that you need your vents cleaning, or fan coil installation can help improve your system and move hot and cold air around efficiently.

3. Turn on Your Air Con

Similarly, if you have an air conditioning unit, it’s worth turning it on either before summer or at the very beginning (before you desperately need it). Ensure it’s in good working order by cleaning the area around the vents and replacing the air filter.

Now is the time to test it out and have any repair work performed if necessary!

4. Clean your Ceiling Fans

If you’ve experienced a cold winter, it’s highly unlikely that your ceiling fans have been touched for months! While you may not be needing them just yet, it’s worth getting them clean in preparation for the summer, rather than releasing a cloud of dust and debris when you first turn them on.

A great tip is to use a pillowcase to clean your fans, as they’ll catch all the dust and prevent it from getting into the air in your home.

5. Clean your Gutters

Over the winter, debris such as leaves and mud can build up in your gutters and could end up clogging the drains. This can lead to leaks into the roof and walls if it’s left to pile up. By cleaning them out now, you reduce the risk of water damage to your home throughout the summer months.

6.Check out the Patio and Deck

Your outside areas will need a little TLC after the harsh weather of winter. Preparing driveways, decks, and pavements now will ensure that they’re safe and look great for the summer. By sealing any crevices and fixing broken joints now, you can prevent larger issues from arising. Any decking or wooden railing should be sealed and stained to protect them from decay and insect damage.


Getting your home ready for summer will make life so much easier when temperatures start to rise, and you want a cool, clean, and warm-weather-ready home.

Use these handy tips to make sure your house is prepared for summer. Don’t forget to get your AC unit inspected sooner than later!

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