6 Ways to Save on Energy Bills During Summer

6 Ways to Save on Energy Bills During Summer

Summer is almost here and for people living in the United States, that means their air conditioning system will be using a lot of energy. This article focuses on ways you can save money on your energy bills by implementing these easy tips.

How To Make Savings on Energy Bills During Summer

A homeowner is always keen to make savings on their air conditioning bills. If you believe that you are facing cooling problems with your specific kind of HVAC system it is always best to contact the HVAC repair experts. Not addressing any maintenance issues could potentially be a safety hazard for you and your loved ones at home.

Getting your system repaired as soon as possible will also help save money lost due to faulty equipment. If you haven’t done so already, now might be a good time to get a maintenance tune-up for your air cooling system.

1. Install a Programmable Thermostat

All the advertising persuading you to “set it, and forget it” is not all wrong. If you do not already have one you need to get a programmable thermostat. One of the advantages is that you will be able to make savings on your energy in your sleep. The energy savings that accumulate each night turn into a significant amount each month.

2. Setting The Right Temperature For Winter & Energy Savings

You can make between 5 to 20% energy savings by setting the temperature to 77°F instead of the usual 72°F to 75°F. There are significant energy savings to be made with just a slight temperature change.

3. Insulating Doors & Windows

Not all doors and windows are perfectly sealed to keep in cold air. Any leaks or cracks in the windows and doors are letting the cool air out of your house. Make sure the windows and doors are completely insulated using a bit of foam and caulk. Try putting mats in front of the door to help with the insulation.

4. Changing the Air Filter For the Air Conditioning

Routine maintenance includes changing the air filter every 1 to 2 months. The air conditioning has to work harder to achieve the same efficiency if you do not change the air filtration system regularly.

5. Using Exhaust Fans Efficiently

A lot of moisture builds up in the bathroom when you take a bath. All of this moisture going into rooms of a house adds strain on the air conditioning system. Make sure you close the door when you take a bath. Always use an exhaust fan while taking a bath.

It might seem counterproductive to saving money on your energy bill but it is not. The air inside the rooms stays cooler for longer when the hot air escapes through the exhaust fan.

6. Preventing Blocked Air Circulation

The air conditioning system will try to cool the object in front of a vent if you put a large object in front of it. This is especially true if you put a lamp or big TV in front of it. Appliances like these give off heat and that is just added pressure for the cooling system. Also, try to use lights that do not emit too much heat.

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