7 Enticing Ways to Make Your Home Personalized

Most people, after moving to a new house, end up personalizing it. It is natural anyway, as all humans want to put a personal stamp in their space. Yes, unless it is your customized dream home, everything may not correspond to your personal taste and preferences. It is normal to have a different taste of the finishes, paint colours, and fixtures separate from the previous owner. You perhaps want to personalize it but don’t know where to begin. Here are seven enticing tips that you should follow to make your home personalized.

7 Enticing Ways to Make Your Home Personalized

Paint the Front Door

You want to personalize your home and still save some money? Start by painting the front door. You know, painting the front door needs less commitment and fewer budgets but still gives a personalized look. Perhaps, you can consider updating the hardware as well while choosing a painted door. We all know that new shiny hardware gives homes a fresh, enticing look. Still, it allows changing locks at the same time. A win-win situation!

Hang Personal Photos

The next thing is to hang a few favourite photos on the wall. Most people don’t think it is essential but hanging your favourite photos on the wall is the easiest way to identify and personalize your home. This is also the time to move in with personalised gifts in your new home.

Some of the photos and gifts need you to drill holes in the wall, and you may be concerned if it is your new home. Thus, you can use removable picture hanging strips instead of drilling holes.

Change the Kitchen Faucet

There are several things that you must change in your new home to personalize. Of all these, you must not forget to change your kitchen faucet. It must be looking old and worn out, especially because the previous owner was using it. Consider swapping it to a sleek new one.

It is a simple change, but it will make a notable difference in your overall kitchen look. Also, you will be surprised that it is cost-effective. All you need is to coordinate it with the existing hardware. If this is not possible, you can swap the hardware for a bigger change simultaneously.

Paint a Wall or Two

Everyone has his favourite colours, and it is not a wonder that your favourite colours differ from that of the previous owner. If this is the case, you need to consider painting a wall or two with your choice’s favourite colour. This will give your house a personalized look. Everyone will see that the place looks more of you and can help determine how the rest of the house looks.

Put up Wall Hooks

You want your house to look organized? Put up wall hooks right where you need them, as this can make a huge difference. Well placed hooks make your house not only look organized but also to look tidy. Most of the hooks you should put in a place where you and the family members drop off things mostly. Consider putting at least two rows of the hooks at this place. Some of the places where you should put hooks include the bathrooms, bedrooms, the entry hall, and the kitchen.

Fix A Stylish Light Fixture

You will probably find that your new home already has existing light fixtures. However, it is not a guarantee that you will like them. In case you don’t like them and you think they are boring, the best thing is to fix them to a stylish light that you love. Fixing the outdated light fixtures will give your home an elegant personalized look. You can also consider putting an overhead light fixture in a place that does not exist.

In this case, you should pay an electrician to install it perfectly. You will spend some little pennies on it, but the expense is worth it as it will make your home look pleasant for years.

Give Stairs a Special Treatment

This is the place where most homeowners commonly forget every time they want to give their new homes a personalized look. It is easy to forget that stairs are also part of the house when you concentrate too much on the inside. Therefore, it is advisable to fix the stares by painting them with a colour that you like most. For instance, if you like white colour, you may consider painting them crisp white and then add shades of a single colour to the trends. In case the new home has a carpeted staircases, you should update them with a fresh runner.

How are you personalizing your new home? Follow the above cost-friendly and straightforward steps, and you will have a personalized look for your new house.

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