7 Favorite Cleaning Activities for Kids

If you will agree with me, kids are the worst offenders when it comes to making a mess in the home. What if we involve them in the house cleaning process with clean up games? That will be great but I am sure they will hate it as much as some of us do. Fortunately, we can make them love it and they will end up helping us in keeping the house clean. Here are some activities that will make cleaning feel like a hobby for your kids.

Favorite Clean up Games

Get your kids cleaning sets

There are kids who love to imitate their parents. If you have kids like that, get those miniature cleaning set for them. When it is time for cleaning, allow the child to take their version of the tool you are also about to use and allocate a small place for them. You will realize that they will begin to work when you are working. Additionally, click here to learn about new cleaning tricks and share them with your kids.

Try a laundry race

Sorting out the laundry is a lot of work. If you have more than one kid who can at least identify colors, you should definitely add this to your list of go-to clean up games. Allow them to sort out their clothes by separating the dark, colorful, and white clothes. Take your time to explain the task to them and make sure that they clearly understand what you mean. Now set them to work, the person who is able to separate the clothes on time wins the competition.

Play pretend

If your kids love to play pretend, get them to dress up as their favorite characters. Then you assign them roles in the home. Make it fun by addressing them using their character names. It does not necessarily mean that their task should align with their chosen characters. However, you can make it look like that. For instance, a child acting as a doctor can ‘heal’ the plants in the garden by watering them.

Freeze-dance cleaning game

Get music you can all dance to and then assign tasks to your kids. You should all dance as you clean up. When the music stops, you freeze. You can do this until the cleanup is complete. Make sure you assign tasks that your kids can do such as putting away toys.

Treasure hunt

Keep some treats in the house and tell your kids about it. Let them know that they can only find it when they clean up. You can hide them under a pile of toys. You can also put them under the pile of clean laundry. If they sort out their laundry, they will find it.

Get them to clean with spray bottles

Spraying is fun for kids. Assign them to a lower window and teach them how to spray the cleaning liquid to clean the window. With time, they will be very good at cleaning windows.

Roll dice to clean

Make a list of six chores and let your kids roll the dice. When they do, assign the task that corresponds to the number on the dice to them. If someone has already chosen that number, let them roll again. You can also work together on each task.


Today’s post was from Anita Edwards – professional writer and editor. She works as blog editor at Spekless, where she shares her own and her colleagues’ tips for cleaning. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and going on day trips with her children.

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