7 Home Renovation Projects That Requires Scaffolding

There are some home renovation projects that can be easily completed using a ladder. However, there are various tasks that need professional equipment such as a scaffolding.

Some projects are literally impossible to complete without a sturdy construction that allows you to reach high places in your home. For some projects, you need to contact a reliable scaffolding service provider, such as Royston Scaffolding Ltd or something similar near you.

Here are some renovation projects that call for scaffolding:

1. Building A Home Extension

A major home improvement project that needs a scaffold is when building a home extension. This is especially true if you’re trying to expand your space upwards.

In many countries that have strict safety and health laws, a scaffolding service company may be required if your home project involves any kind of construction. By using the help of project management and experienced scaffolders, these companies will help in your goal of creating an extension of your home.

Utilizing a reliable scaffolding service will also ensure that all steps of the project will be performed safely and skillfully.

2. Replacing or Cleaning Gutters

In the past, gutter workers performed their work using a ladder. But with the health and safety laws today, anyone who does gutter cleaning, repair, or replacement should do so with a scaffolding surface. Using such equipment for these tasks will not only make it safer but it’ll make work more efficient.

A scaffolding surface allows a worker to go to any height as well as give enough space for tools and buckets, which you may need to complete the job.

3. Loft Conversion

If you’re planning to perform a loft conversion, then you’ll need a scaffolding. Although most part of the job will be done inside, you’ll need to use a scaffolding when you’re implementing a Velux window or when altering the roof to allow for the conversion.

4. Painting Your Home

A scaffolding should come in handy when painting your home’s front. With the use of a scaffolding, painting your home’s exterior is simpler and more convenient. It’ll allow you to reach high places easily and paint the walls continuously without having to get up and down a ladder. Using a ladder not only exposes you to a higher risk of falling but it may also make the work slower since you must go down from the ladder after finishing a part of the wall before you can move to the next portion.

Since a scaffolding is a long piece of working surface, then it’s both convenient and safe for you to paint your home. Again, using a scaffolding also affords you somewhere to place your tools and paint buckets just within reach.

5. Rendering or Plastering Work

A rendering or plastering home improvement project requires the use of a scaffolding until its completion. Not only is work going to be unsafe for renderers without a scaffolding, but it may be impossible to do their plastering while also carrying heavy buckets of material to use. Thus, a scaffolding is a requirement for this project.

7 Home Renovation Projects That Requires Scaffolding

6. Exterior Projects

Most home improvement projects involving the home’s exterior will usually call for scaffolding surfaces. While many home improvement jobs for the home interior may not require this equipment, jobs like roof repair or window replacement can’t be done without a scaffolding.

Aside from safety, the convenience of using a scaffolding for most home exterior projects can’t be substituted with a ladder.

7. Recladding

This project involves replacing the outer façade cladding. This is usually done when the current cladding, which is often made with aluminum composite, is already found unsafe.

A recladding project will require bringing plenty of heavy materials up and down to make cladding the home exterior possible. Thus, the use of a sturdy scaffolding is needed for this project. The worker doesn’t have to think about how busy his hands should be while also trying not to fall off the ladder. All the materials can be brought up with him as he needs it and doesn’t have to go up and down just to get materials he need. Again, using a scaffolding is still the best option for recladding projects.

Final Thoughts

Using a scaffolding is a convenient and safe option for projects mentioned above. For any home renovation project that requires workers to carry heavy materials or to go up and down the height of a house, the use of a scaffolding is essential.

For these projects, it’s best to call and hire a reliable scaffolding service company as they’ll help you in your project until completion.

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