7 Kid-Friendly Pool Fence Design

7 Kid-Friendly Pool Fence Design

While swimming can be an adventurous and fun activity, it can quickly turn into a safety hazard with wandering children around. Did you know, besides bathtubs, a swimming pool makes up to 67% of all toddler drowning cases worldwide? It only takes a few centimeters of water and a couple of seconds for a toddler to drown.

However, as a parent or a pool owner, you can mitigate the chances of drowning by taking the necessary countermeasures, such as setting up barricades. Below, we discuss seven kid-friendly pool fence designs that you should consider.

Traditional Wooden Fences

This is the standard day-to-day fencing. A traditional fence can prevent children from wandering into your pool and can be fixed as a perimeter enclosing the pool. In general, these fence types are tall enough to ward off any toddler; they are not a pricking hazard when your child comes close it. They are a cheaper alternative to metal fencing and are more durable than a mesh pool fence.

Barred Metal Pool Fence

Barred metal fences are usually made of steel or galvanized iron, making it rust-resistant. Not only that, a metal pool fence can also prove to be a stylish addition to your yard and surrounding. Some come comprised of intricate designs, ranging from swirls to patterns of all shapes and sizes.

Furthermore, a barred metal pool fence is tall enough to prevent both children and trespassers from entering your pool area. More so, you can install a simplified gate locking system to grant entry into the pool area. Unlike your conventional wooden pool fence, the gating system on a metal fence is much sturdier and robust.

Mesh pool Fence

A mesh pool fence is ideal for restricting children from accessing your pool without supervision; you can monitor your pool from your window. An installer for pool fencing can place a mesh fence a few feet from the pool’s edge.

Besides, a mesh fence is a great addition to your outdoor space as it doesn’t take much space. It also improves the visual aesthetics, making your backyard appear spacious and refined. Due to the fence’s porous nature, debris, such as leaves will be filtered from contaminating your pool water.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fences resemble the same structure as wooden fences; however, they are comprised of PVC material, causing it to last longer and withstand outdoor extremities better than most fences. Vinyl fences require little to no maintenance and offer a dynamic look to your swimming pools’ exterior. They come in a variety of colors and can be painted to your preference.

Despite their appearance, these fences are exceptionally durable and can withstand any children trying to budge their way. With adequate care, a vinyl fence can serve you up to 30 years.

Glass Fences

Glass fences offer luxury and appeal. These fences are beautiful to gaze at and come in various intricate patterns and types, such as frosted glass, laminated, frameless, colored and tempered. Glass fencing is an elegant way to showcase your outdoor pool and keep intruders and children far from reach. Due to the glass’s refractive properties, natural light is adequately dispersed, causing your outdoor space to appear larger and spacious. Furthermore, with frost or colored glass, your pool can glow in beautiful colors.

Aluminum Fence

An aluminum fence is a lightweight compared to its iron counterpart. Due to the metal’s glossy properties, an aluminum fence can significantly improve the visual condition of any area. You can decide to pair it up with lavish patterns and railings to enhance its appearance.

Aside from looking good, an aluminum fence is sturdy enough to prevent your child from wandering into your pool. It can withstand harsh conditions due to its corrosion and rust-resistant properties.

Stone Wall

A stone wall fence is a natural and aesthetic way to enhance the appeal of your poolside. It comprises sturdy stone that can incorporate various designs and textures, including marble, granite, brick, slab, and limestone. It’s an ideal fence that prevents children from getting into your swimming pool.

In Summary

Owning a pool comes with many responsibilities; however, with proper fencing, you don’t have to worry about your pool being a drowning hazardous to kids and pets.


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