7 Luxurious Additions to your Kitchen Remodeling Project

7 Luxurious Additions to your Kitchen Remodeling Project

The kitchen is a much-used room for your whole family, yet it’s one that we tend to leave alone for the longest before renovating. If everything works, after all, why change it? However, remodeling a kitchen can have a tremendous effect and make you realize that there is always something you can do to make a kitchen better than it is. We’ve looked at seven great ways in which you can add luxury, style, and practicality to your kitchen with a remodeling project.

Mirror Splashbacks

There is something about using mirror effects in the kitchen that is at once very ‘now’ and also retro. Mid-20th century design is in vogue right now and mirrors undoubtedly belong in that era, but the use of them as splashbacks in a modern kitchen gives a pretty special look that is unique. It also adds the idea of more space in areas that can be quite cramped. Check out some ideas in design magazines and see what you think.

LED Lighting

Lighting a kitchen well can make all the difference. The trick here is to use LED lighting, which is all the rage right now and for a good reason. LED lights are available in various types and styles, and as they give off little to no heat – unlike conventional bulbs – they are considerably more efficient. They can also be found in different shades and colors and, when set into the ceiling, are the ideal cost-effective and stylish method of lighting your kitchen.

Barback Coolers

You may think barback coolers – the type you see behind the bar in a club, for example – are for commercial use only, but in fact, they are becoming popular for homes. They look great in the kitchen and are useful for storing beer or bottles of wine or soft drinks you want to keep cool and make a great feature and talking point. They’re also surprisingly affordable and can fit under the counter, so they take up little space.

Center Island

Among the kitchen trends for 2022, analysts are predicting is one that has been stable for larger kitchens for some years. An island in the center may not seem practical if you don’t have a lot of space, but you can buy some that come with integral storage and can save you space. Used instead of standing cupboards, for example, this idea is an excellent use of space.

Smart Fridge

The rise of smart fridges has not been as great as was touted, but these appliances do have a place in a luxury kitchen. If you routinely stock your fridge with the same regular items and have a broadband connection, it can be programmed to order from a selected retailer when you are running low! Not a necessary item but another that’s a great talking point.

Invisible Appliances

One of the current practices in kitchen design is to have all appliances cleverly hidden and to be unveiled only when used. This gives a sleek and stylish look to the room and does not impact practicality. However, this one needs a serious budget, so check it out carefully before you decide it’s one for you.

Motion Detector

Finally, a simple suggestion: connect your lights to a motion detector so that not only do they come on when someone enters the room when the light is low, but they also switch off after a set time, thus saving energy and money.

Those are our seven tips, so take your inspiration from there and start your kitchen design.

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