7 Marvelous Lockets You Must Check-out

7 Marvelous Lockets You Must Check-out

A locket is something that holds value for many people, whether they enjoy owning jewellery or not. The value of most lockets can’t be replaced because of what they can hold inside of them. Most of the time, inside a locket, will be a picture or some other small token of value that the owner will hold dear to their heart and will always want around them but in a safe place.

This is why such a wide variety of different lockets in the world are created with different styles. Find out why you must check out these seven different lockets that are marvellous if you or someone you know is interested in one.

The traditional standard locket

The standard locket has a couple of different classic designs that are well-known: The heart, circle, oval and even a cushion. While these design shapes are commonly known for lockets, that’s not what truly makes the locket standard. A standard locket necklace has two empty frames on one side of it so the owner can safely store a photo of someone they deem special and then close the locket and keep that photo safe for viewing whenever they want.

Some of these types of lockets even have different types of engraving, making them more special and traditional.

Shaker locket

Shaker lockets have become more popular over the years but have always been around. They’ve been around since the Victorian era of time and have just bounced between in and out of style. The shaker locket gives the transparency of allowing others around you to see what is in your locket because it doesn’t close to make it personal just for you.

Instead, the shaker locket puts your image on display for the rest of the world around you to view. It doesn’t have to be just am image in your shaker wallet; it can also be a variety of other things like a precious stone or pressed flowers.

Shaker lockets are more made for people who have something they want to show off and makes them feel good rather than people who just want to hold something personal to view.

Memento style locket

A memento style locket is exactly what the name describes. They are designed to hold more than a standard locket, but at the same time, it’s not as much for viewing as it is for holding. Some common things to put in a standard locket are pressed flowers, ashes of a loved one or any other small token that means a lot to you. Anything you can find to fit into this type of locket’s small space will work perfectly. They come in a variety of distinctive styles and designs as well.

Fragrance scent lockets

A scent locket is a locket that contains enclose perfume. With these types of lockets, all you really need to worry about is making sure the perfume is there when you need it, and then you’ll easily be able to apply it to your neck and arms when necessary. Most open up so you can replace the perfume inside with a different scent in case the one you’re using runs out.

These types of lockets are both beautiful and practical in case you are ever in a pinch, and you need to freshen up your small quickly. They are great to keep on hand because they are always wrapped around the wearer’s neck.

Multi-photo locket

A multi-photo locket is one that not only includes one picture but has the viewing capacity for the owner to place multiple photos inside of it. They have additional frames that let the wearer get more creative with the number of pictures they add to their locket. The materials for these types of lockets come in a variety of different types, but for the most part, it’s brass and silver. These can also come in a flipbook type of design where the owner can insert their pictures and then flip through them.

Diamond lockets

These lockets are created for people with expensive taste in jewellery. They are made to really show off the piece of jewellery and hold something valuable inside of it. The diamonds in lockets like these will turn heads when the piece is worn.

Crystal glass locket

These types of lockets are new on the scene and popular with women because of their crystal design. You can have the crystal glass shaped a specific way with colours and patterns that make it look like they are inside the locket. This has become popular because there is no need to put anything in the locket to get still the same locket to feel.

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