7 Moving Hacks That’ll Make Your Life – And Your Move – A Whole Lot Easier

7 Moving Hacks That'll Make Your Life Easier

Are you planning to move houses? Moving can be a pain. It’s always nice to have a few hacks that will make your life easier and help you get settled into your new place faster. This includes hiring a moving company near you to make your transition smooth. Hacks often use shortcuts to accomplish tasks quickly and efficiently, with the goal of saving time or avoiding work altogether.

So, if you’re looking for a few moving hacks that will make your life easier, here are seven of our favorites! It is important to remember that these hacks are not just for when you’re moving, they can be used in day-to-day life as well to make your house better. Read on for our top moving hacks that will make your life a whole lot easier!

Pack a Carry-on Bag With Essentials

The first thing you should do is pack a carry-on bag that contains everything you’ll need while on the go. Things like clothes, toiletries, and other important personal items are all things to consider packing in your car at all times.

The idea is that the carry-on bag will be ready to go as soon as you’re done packing your apartment, or whenever life decides to throw a curveball and the move might not happen for a while. This way there’s no frantic search for these items when it matters most.

Create a Spreadsheet or Checklist of What to Pack

Always make a spreadsheet or checklist of what to pack first, second, third, etc., and always have an idea of how many boxes you are going to need based on what’s being moved. In line with professionals at Muval,  a packing checklist can come in handy for those who are moving a lot of heavy objects, such as furniture and appliances. A packing list can also help determine the amount of space you’ll need for your belongings in your new home before it’s time to pack. It will also help to make sure you have everything ready and don’t leave anything behind or forget something important.

Label Boxes Clearly So You Know Where They Should Be Placed When Unpacked

Label boxes clearly with masking tape or painter’s tape so you know where they should go when unpacking. This will help prevent frustration and confusion while unloading everything into the new home, especially on a top-floor apartment without an elevator. Write the room name in large letters at eye level for each box as well as noting what type of furniture is in the box.

For example, a box marked “BEDROOM” could say something like “A Bedroom dressing Mirror” and so on. Label boxes with what room they are supposed to be placed in and any furniture that’s inside.

Get Rid of Any Items That are Not Necessary for the Move

You don’t want to get rid of an item that you might need later on, but it would be better for now if they were gone. Make sure to donate any items that are in decent condition and sell the rest so that you can make some cash back before your move. For instance, you can discard the old appliances as you plan to buy new ones for your home. You shouldn’t discard items you might need later.

Donating clothes is always a good thing!  Sometimes people throw things away because their kids have grown too big for them without realizing how much these items could benefit others within the community.  These donations allow organizations and charities with hospital missions to give clothing at affordable prices while maintaining them in good condition.

7 Moving Hacks That'll Make Your Life Easier

Make Sure Everything is Packed Properly Before Moving Day

Packing things properly is important for a couple of reasons: it will make your move easier and you’ll be less likely to lose any valuables if something gets damaged along the way.  Make sure everything that needs packing has been packed – then place them into bins according to what room they belong in when you’re done so that unpacking can go as smoothly as possible!

If you have fragile items or anything large, such as furniture, make sure not to stack too much weight on top of them during transport because this could lead to damages upon arrival. Use plenty of padding around these objects and keep them separate from other items. Ultimately, you may want to decide to get shipping containers Sydney to keep all your stuff organized and safe.

Take Pictures Before you Unpack

It’s always a good idea to take pictures of the items that you want to keep before unpacking – this way, if an item is damaged or lost during your move, it will be easy for you to file a claim and get reimbursed. It also gives you peace of mind knowing that everything arrived in one piece!

Taking pictures of fragile objects like furniture can help as well because then when they’re taken out from their box, these pieces are fully documented, and easier for insurance companies to inspect them afterward.

Gather All of the Important Paperwork

Before you move, it’s always a good idea to gather all of the important paperwork that will be needed when you start living in your new place.  For example contact information for utilities and landlords (in case there are any problems), birth certificates or other documents that prove who owns what, etc.

This should go without saying but make sure to bring an ID with you as well – this is necessary just about everywhere! It may seem like more work up front, but gathering these papers before moving day can save time and headaches down the road so it’s worth doing.

Moving to a new place is an exciting adventure. If you follow the tips we’ve provided, your move should be less stressful and more enjoyable. Label boxes clearly so that they can go in the right room when unpacked and get rid of any unnecessary items before moving day (donate them or sell them). The best way to make sure everything gets moved properly on moving day is by making a list with all of the essentials for packing – keep this checklist in your car at all times! Now would be a great time to start taking pictures too – you’ll want these memories from this momentous occasion. We hope you found our blog post helpful as well as useful!

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