7 Reasons to Rent a Car on a Business Trip

7 Reasons to Rent a Car on a Business Trip

As the millennial generation became the largest group in the workforce, they brought their culture to the business world. Research shows that millennials prefer to use rideshare and taxi services to get around their destination during corporate travel.

Their preferences impacted the vehicle rental industry. Thus, car rental companies have found themselves seeking ways to win back customers, despite the fact that picking up and returning a rental is easy, and sites like StressFreeCarRental.com allow people to compare rental prices to help them find their perfect vehicle at the right price for their trip. Plus, companies have locations at airports, in downtown areas, and near train stations, meaning people don’t usually have far to go once they arrive before they are able to get on the road. Once you pick up your vehicle, you receive privacy while you drive around your destination.

Let’s look at seven reasons to rent a car on a business trip.

1. Travel Flexibility

When you rent a vehicle during corporate travel, your rental provides a set of perks and requirements. For business travelers, rental companies offer discounts, high-end cars, and resources. Renting a car also provides travel flexibility. You don’t need to walk to a busy intersection to wave down a cab or hope that a rideshare driver will pick you up at your location. Several hotels accommodate car rentals by providing parking. Thus, you don’t need to worry about that either.

2. Transportation Reliability

Rideshare service drivers aim to optimize their income. They know that picking up people are sporting events, music festivals, and events nets them a steady income stream. If you require a ride to and from a quieter area, finding a ride can become a challenge. Rental cars provide transportation reliability when you have no time to spare.

3. Corporate Reimbursement

Most companies provide business travel reimbursement perks to their employees. Therefore, a minimal amount of expenses come out of your pocket, if any at all. Vehicle rentals have a set cost. Plus, these organizations give corporate travelers discounts. If you take cabs and rideshare services, you risk surpassing your transportation budget. In addition, most companies have a mileage policy. If not, the mileage becomes a tax write-off. Therefore, you’ll enjoy the ride and reimbursement. Hotel Engine provides corporate travel planners with helpful tips for adjusting their mileage policy amid rising gas prices.

4. Bundle Costs

Although companies can afford to send their employees to meetings, training, and conventions, organizations still search for ways to optimize their budgets. Since car rental companies compete for business customers and market share, they invest in outreach programs. Corporate travel planners can find bundles that include flight, hotel, and car rentals. When they work out the discounts, they might find that the savings lead to a free day of a vehicle rental or hotel night.

5. Enjoy Privacy

Becoming the perfect rideshare passenger has put undue pressure on some travelers. Sometimes you just want to get from Point A to Point B without receiving a rating. When you hire a car service, hail a cab, or take a rideshare service, you travel with the driver. A car rental affords you privacy to think, relax, and be yourself. In the car, there exists no pressure to make polite small talk, portray the perfect passenger, or impress others.

6. Earn Rewards

All corporate travelers should sign up for at least one rewards program. Those who qualify can earn their rewards through a credit card program. Every purchase you make with the card earns you several points. The hospitality industry knows that the business travel sector provides them with lucrative earnings. Members of the industry also help each other attract more clients. Rental car companies form partnerships with hotels, airlines, and rewards programs. Thus, your rental can add to your point total.

7. Pick Your Ride

At home, you might drive a family-oriented vehicle. On the road, you can pick something different. The selection depends on your travel location. For example, you can find luxury and international imports in coastal cities like Los Angeles and Miami. You can get this sort of offer from companies like luxury car rental San Diego. Many rental companies sell their vehicles when the cars hit a certain mileage. Plus, they build their fleets from the latest technology offers. Therefore, in some ways, renting a car is like taking the newest models for a test drive. You might pick your next vehicle from the models that you rented for business.


Although younger business travelers prefer to hail cabs, use ridesharing services, or experience public transportation, renting a car provides several benefits too.

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