7 Reasons To Schedule A Plumbing Inspection Before Winter

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With winter comes the season of holidays and also the time for frost and difficult repairs. Winter can present some difficult challenges for your home’s plumbing. A thorough inspection and timely repair will leave you with only good times for the holiday season. So it’s better to get ahead of the plumbing troubles while you still have time. Here are the seven critical reasons why you should perform a plumbing inspection before winter comes.

1. Avoid pipe bursts

The extremely low temperatures in winter can lead to serious plumbing problems. The biggest threat remains that of pipe freeze and bursting, especially for the outdoor pipes. Exterior plumbing that lacks insulation and is exposed to extremely low temperatures can freeze and burst. When the temperature falls below 20 degrees Fahrenheit and remains so for more than six hours, you can expect water in the pipes to freeze. That’s why it is important to call a plumber and get the insulation in place for outdoor pipes before winter strikes. You should also get all the outdoor hoses disconnected and store them away for the winter.

In case there is a pipe burst at your home, you should call an emergency plumber to look at the situation.

2. Pipe inspection

Rather than wait for disaster to strike in the form of a pipe burst, you can arrange a thorough inspection for all your outdoor pipes. This will provide an opportunity to locate even minor leaks early on.

3. Look out for sump pump damage

The sump pump is crucial for defending your house against flooding and water damage. But since flooding doesn’t seem to happen that frequently, most homeowners neglect the sump pump altogether. The idle sump pump can develop issues that go unnoticed until they become apparent due to sump pump failure.

During cold weather, standing water in the sump pump may freeze and damage it. Scheduling sump pump maintenance and emptying any standing water before winters can avert such a situation.

4. Fix water heaters

In cold weather, hot showers become a necessity rather than a luxury. Since the water heaters may not have been in use for a long time, they may need some troubleshooting before they are ready to serve you for the winter season. Water heater maintenance and repairs in time will ensure that you’ll not have to face the shock of a cold bath in winters.

5. Septic tank problems

Septic tank backup calls for heavy-duty repair and it has to take place outdoors. The idea of dealing with a backed-up septic tank during peak winters is daunting. Sometimes you may not be able to schedule urgent repairs due to adverse weather conditions.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to schedule an inspection for septic tank issues before winters, so that any repair work can be undertaken comfortably.

6. Garbage disposal maintenance

Winter is also the time for holidays and festivities. With upcoming house guest arrivals, family get-togethers, and parties scheduled across your calendar, it is quite certain that the sink disposal will have to work extra hard. We strongly advise getting the sink disposal cleaned in advance for the winter season. If a clog is already building up in the disposal, it is sure to give you trouble within a couple of months.

7. Prevent faucet leaks

Pipe leaks happen all the time, and regular checks are important for detecting the leaks early. Pipe leaks can lead to a lot of water wastage and can spike your water bills.

Scheduling a scan for leaking faucets and showers just before the winter season arrives allowing you to get the repairs done with the rest of the plumbing maintenance. Don’t forget to point out any faucets with low pressure when the plumber arrives for the seasonal inspection.

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