7 Reasons Why Are Pests More Active In Summer

7 Reasons Why Are Pests More Active In Summer

Seasonal Influences on Pest Patterns and Movements

Just about every house in Australia has had pests at one point in time. Ants, spiders, ticks, fleas, and cockroaches all make their presence known. However, for some odd reason we find that during the warmer months and in particular summer, pests seem to get a new lease on life.

Why is this? Why do pests seem to thrive when the warmer months roll around? These are the questions that our friends from Pro Pest Control Sydney have answered.  They’ve shared with us the reasons why these pesky little critters are far more active during the summer months.

1) Warmer temperatures

The summer months and warmer temps come hand in hand. It is a perfect time to work on your tan and go for a nice swim. However, these warm temperatures also have the same effect on pests. They love it and many pests hibernate during the colder months, they come out when it’s warmer.

This is why when it is warm, pests will often try to get inside your home where your air-con is doing its thing. Pests that love the warmer weather include some stinging insects, ants, termites, and of course mosquitoes.

2) More food available

During the summer, many people love having their lawn nice and lush. With the odd shower here and there it promotes a healthy ecosystem for pests to thrive on. When food is in abundance, this helps sustain the numerous pests that call your garden and house home. If you happen to have plenty of stored food during summer, this can entice numerous pests including rats and mice to come and take advantage.

3) Longer daylight

When summer comes around you might notice the days getting longer. The summer season has a longer daytime and nights are shorter. What this does is give pests longer to feed and breed which is never a good thing. Only a small number of pests are active when night rolls around so the vast majority of them love the daytime.

4) Increased moisture

During summer, there is increased moisture in the air with showers often the norm. These humid weather conditions are perfect for pests to come out for food and breed. Everyone needs water and pests are no different so if there are constantly damp areas in and around your house, pests will thrive. The damp nights when mosquitoes are thriving can be due to the increased dampness in your home. Pests that love these conditions include flies, mosquitoes, and aphids.

5) A pest’s life cycle

Many of the pests that we find in summer, their life cycle revolves around the warmer weather. The increase in heat greatly helps pests with their breeding process and also speeds it up. The warm weather is the perfect storm for pests to rapidly multiply. Other pests also migrate during certain seasons and this can lead to their populations increasing during certain months. Pests that have lifecycles active during summer include rodents, cockroaches, and flies.

6) More people

In the lead-up to summer, many of us plan holidays. This increased population around certain places and cities. This can be a major factor in why certain pests seem to thrive. Pests take advantage of the increased number of people who often litter and leave food crumbs around and that is why they thrive. Pests that love it when more people are around and they include fleas, rodents, mosquitoes, and bed bugs.

7) Some pests can’t handle the heat

When summer comes around many people will often find that pests like spiders, ants, termites, and rodents will have a rather quick infestation of your home. Why? Because these pests cannot handle the hot weather and they seek shelter where it is cooler to build their nests. If you do find that you have an infestation, you can get the professionals to sort it out for you.


What season are bugs most active?

Pests are all different. Some like the cooler months while others thrive during the warmer months. Much like people, pests have their preference when it comes to what they like.

Why do bugs come out when it’s hot?

The majority of insects are cold-blooded. What this means is that when it’s warm they have more energy. This leads them to seek out food and a breeding ground with enthusiasm.


Not every single pest is more active in summer and makes the holiday you have been waiting months for hell. Others often find themselves food for other pests. Spider eat flies, mosquitoes, and other insects so it balances itself out sometimes. They are just a few reasons why pests are more active during the warm summer months.

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