7 Reasons You Should Build a Retaining Wall

7 Reasons You Should Build a Retaining Wall

1. It Lessens the Risk of Flooding

Retaining walls prevent flooding by providing a barrier between the water and your home. They can also prevent water from pooling on your property by providing a change in elevation and a way to redirect the flow downhill.

If you’re not so handy with a hammer, you can find professionals like retaining walls Mount Barker. This is especially important if your area is particularly prone to flooding. You’ll want a specialized local company to help.

2. It Slows Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is caused by wind, rain, and flooding. This phenomenon is particularly bad on developed land. This is due to the loss of trees and other native plant life that would otherwise hold the soil in place.

A retaining wall will hold your soil in place by providing a barrier to stop it before it moves too much. Soil erosion is more pronounced if your land is on an incline, which is all the more reason to put up some walls.

3. It Protects Your Property

Flooding and soil erosion are destructive and even dangerous. Flooding causes water damage, washes away dirt and plants, destroys vehicles, and is a health risk to anyone on the property.

Losing soil around your home can weaken the foundation, leading to structural damage down the line. Soil erosion can block pathways or drainage systems, and extreme erosion can cause landslides. Even a landslide on a small scale is dangerous and expensive to come back from.

Retaining walls are an investment for both your property and your safety. They stop the disaster before it happens and can save you thousands down the line.

4. It Protects Your Neighbor’s Property

When it comes to erosion, it’s not just you. Anyone downhill of you is at risk from the loss of your rocks and soil. You may even be held legally responsible for damage or injuries, which is much more expensive than the cost of a retaining wall.

Even before the damage happens, you can get fined if local authorities decide that your property is unsafe and not well maintained. Retaining walls are part of avoiding a problem.

5. It Saves Money

These walls can save you a lot of money from erosion and water damage in the long run. The upfront cost correlates directly with how long the barrier will last, with concrete being the cheapest option.

You may even see that investment when you sell your property as they are attractive and a form of lawn maintenance. The increased curb appeal could mean a high price point.

6. It Looks Attractive

When done well, retaining walls are beautiful and can be used as decorative pieces to bring the whole yard together. The wall can be made out of stone or concrete in many styles and colors so that you can coordinate it with the rest of your home and yard.

7. It Creates New Spaces

It’s challenging to build or host activities on a slope. If you add a retaining wall, the soil will build up behind it to create a relatively flat surface. This is much easier to work with and is perfect for gardens or patios.

Is a Retaining Wall Right for You?

If you could benefit from any of these advantages, you should consider installing a retaining wall. You can build it yourself or hire a professional. Either way, it will protect your home for years to come.

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