7 Reliable Tips On How To Make Your Home Summer-Ready

Preparing for warm weather is not only about buying a new bathing suit and booking your summer vacation trip – it’s also about making some adjustments to your home. Once you feel that summer is around the corner, you need to get things started. To be more specific, when spring days come to an end, it’s time to make a couple of changes around the house to ensure that it’s summer-ready. As far as the bedroom is concerned, you can use linen bamboo sheets on your bed to make it more comfortable in summers. This is why we’ve made a list of tips to help you out.

1. Back to Basics

Making sure that your home is summer-ready means that you need to only have the necessities out and put the rest away or give it away. This is just like cleaning out your wardrobe; you simply put away all the winter clothes and replace them with the summer ones. Start by putting everything away that you only needed during the winter. For the warm summer weather, you would need to have all the items that are relevant to such a season. Thus, you can keep around any cotton, linen, or bamboo sheets, candles, plants, and small summery accessories. You can also try to rearrange your furniture to enhance the flow in your home and give it a more spacious vibe. After all, summer is not about the clutter; it’s all about the spaciousness and breezy flow.

2. Get the Air Conditioners Ready for Use

When the summer season is in full swing, nothing can be worse than having trouble with your air conditioner. To avoid this hassle, you need to be keener on getting the air conditioner ready when the spring season is coming to an end. For starters, you need to get your air conditioner cleaned. For such a task, you need to use reliable equipment to clean the outdoor air conditioner unit. As for the indoor unit, you have to take off the air filters, give them a nice wash, let them dry, and place them back again. Once your air conditioner is all cleaned up, it will be ready to use for when the summer shows up.

 3. Add Summer Scents to Your Indoor

For your multisensory brain, you need to create a multi-sensory environment for you to enjoy. There are many ways to freshen up the summer scents in your home. One thing for sure would be the addition of indoor plants. You can also try placing some scented corners that would be ideal for your home’s décor and odor. Nothing would outweigh walking into a fresh-smelling home after spending a hot summer day.

4. Maximize Indoor Daylight

A sunny summer morning can get you energized and motivated to start your day. Consider maximizing the amount of natural light in your house. You can do that by having light-colored walls, mirrors facing windows or balconies, and light drapery at the windows. Ensuring that your whole house is submerged in natural light will give it a fresh summer vibe and make your home more energy-efficient since you won’t have to use any of the light fixtures throughout the day and right into the afternoon as well.

5. Attic Cleaning

Before it gets too hot to head up there, check your attic. Many things may have happened during the winter up there. You will be mainly checking on your attic’s insulation to make sure that it is ready for the upcoming summer season. When you start your inspection, make sure that you are wearing a dust mask and long sleeves clothes. Here’s what you need to look out for:

Get rid of any animal waste, like that left behind by rats or dead insects.

Find and seal any holes that animals can come in through.

Check for leak sources, like anything that might be blocking the air vents or wet spots.

Any visible joists that would require adding insulation.

6. Give Your Windows and Screens a Fresh Look

Your windows and screens probably suffered during the past stormy seasons, which makes it just about time to freshen them up and make them sparkle. Use a window cleaning solution and a newspaper or a squeegee to make your windows and screens shine and look as good as new. You can also inspect them while cleaning in case they need some recaulk or damage repair.

7. Clean Up Gutter and Downspouts

The outsides of your home are as important as the inside. Winter can be tough on your downspouts and gutters. As you start making your home summer-ready, grab a trowel, gloves, a sturdy ladder, a hose and safety glasses. With these tools, you can easily gunk out your gutters. After that, you need to hose them out and allow the water to seep through the downspouts and clean them up.

Sprucing up your home and getting it ready for the warm weather can be very exciting. Make sure that you start doing it before summer days pop in to avoid being annoyed from the hot weather. Now you can start working on those tips and get some chores done to prepare your home for the warm summer days. Once you’re done, you can sit back and start making some great summer memories.

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