7 Signs It’s Time to Renovate Your Kitchen

Having the proper space to cook and prepare your own food can be very rewarding. The kitchen, in most homes, is the center of activity. The time you spend in the kitchen should best reflect your family’s needs and lifestyle. If your kitchen is old, deteriorating, and cabinets are falling apart, it may be time to consider a kitchen renovation.

Your kitchen should be operating in tip-top shape to feed the ones you love. An efficient kitchen can also save households plenty of money. These signs may help you realize it is time to elevate a tired kitchen:

1. Personal Taste has Changed

People have emotional responses to certain colors, designs, patterns, and architecture. The style you were attached to ten or twenty years ago may feel dated and not reflective of your current personality. You want positive energy every time you step inside your kitchen. Looking through magazines, Pinterest, and display rooms can help you have a sense of what designs resonate with you.

2. Family Lifestyle has Changed

Your lifestyle may have changed from being a newlywed to a parent with several children. Today, you may need an inviting kitchen area to host a big family with lots of friends. If you love to entertain guests, you will want a kitchen that easily provides a lively atmosphere. Or if you recently got into cooking or baking, you may need new appliances and tools to keep up.

3. Appliances are Out-of-Date

Broken latches, leaks, rust and cracks may be a sign it’s time for new appliances. If repairs become too extreme or a safety concern, it may be more affordable to buy new appliances instead of fixing the old ones. Your new appliances will offer the latest technology and will have a nice life span. Make sure you double-check the measurements on the space you want to use before buying a new appliance.

4. Not Eco-friendly

Old appliances in your home may also take up loads of energy. It is important to not waste energy and reduce your carbon footprint. To save on your electric and water bill, you may want to consider purchasing eco-friendly appliances. This important step in your home will likely lower your expenses and definitely aid in protecting our environment.

5. Wanting to Increase the Value of Your Home

When you decide to sell your home, you are going to want to sell it for more than your purchase price. A new kitchen is an excellent investment because they are very attractive to home buyers. According to the Cost vs. Value Remodeling Magazine report, even with a minor kitchen renovation, you can recoup 77.6% of your cost. Home buyers are willing to pay more for a lavish kitchen, thus increasing the value of your home.

6. Bad Lighting

If you are not getting enough natural light or have dingy lighting fixtures, it may be time for a remodel. Light is essential to creating a happy atmosphere that will lift your family’s mood. Better lighting can also make your kitchen space feel bigger. Additionally, light is crucial when cooking, so you can see exactly what you are preparing, especially if you are using sharp objects.

7. More Convenient Kitchen Space

Small amounts of space and tight corners in a kitchen can feel claustrophobic. Wider countertops, bigger storage area, and more cabinet room can be helpful in a large family. The traffic flow in the kitchen area may change as time goes on. Make your life easier with an effortless kitchen area.


Everyone deserves to own the kitchen of his or her dreams. And everyone’s taste and lifestyle changes over time. Let your modern aesthetic shine. A kitchen renovation may be just what you need in your near future.


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