7 Tips to Style Your Home According to Your Personality

Everyone wants their home’s style to be a reflection of themselves. It’s not just about looks, but more about the space in which you feel comfortable in. If you’re not thinking about selling your home anytime soon there’s really no end to the range of personalized home-improvement projects you can undertake. There are some less than permanent ways for renters to also make their space feel more like their own. Don’t be afraid to experiment. If you don’t love it immediately, give it a few days to see if the new decoration or room setup grows on you.


Let’s start with something easy, like what to put on the wall. This is a great time to let the decoration be something personal to you. Maybe it’s just a memory wall with all your favorite photos, or maybe you can hang your favorite instruments up where you play. The point is to use that part of your personality as the focus of the decor. You can even frame old t-shirts and use them as wall decorations to keep those memories forever and in a place where you and your friends can admire them.


This is another great way to express yourself in your living space. Even if you’re afraid your favorite color may not be the best for a full wall, there’s plenty of complimentary tones that can help reign in some of the wilder shades. It’s a great time to go check with your local paint store to see if they have any recommendations, or use a good old fashioned color wheel to get an idea of another color that would look great alongside. There’s even online color calculators that will take your favorite shade and give you complimentary tones that you could then take to the paint store.


Are you a homebody or someone who’s always on the go? For the nesting type, big soft chairs and couches might serve you better, whereas someone who isn’t at home as much might prefer a little more breathing room. Are you the entertaining type? For those of us that are, there are lots of options when setting up entertaining space that can reflect us. Perhaps you want an intimate space for two, or an open seating area that can handle as many as you can fit. These are all considerations that should be based on how you like to enjoy yourself in your own home.

Room Usage

It may sound obvious, but make the spaces work for you. Perhaps you’re not the sit-down dinner type, and a big formal dining room just doesn’t make sense. Maybe turn it into an art room or yoga space, whatever is going to serve your interests. You might already have a creative space like this that you didn’t consider to be all that ‘showy’, but just because you’re not inhabiting the room all the time doesn’t mean a guest won’t appreciate its overall effect on your home.

Chalkboard Paint

Yes, it’s been done everywhere already, but in moderation, chalkboard paint can add a really personal touch to your home. Even if it’s some favorite lyrics or just some inspirational quotes, the chalkboard wall lets our visitors get a really intimate idea of who we are through language. There are opportunities to decorate with signage and words, but the chalkboard wall is something dynamic that will change with us.


Did you know that smell is the most powerful sense when it comes to forming memories? It may not occur to some when they’re thinking about decorating, but when you think back about a place, don’t you always remember the way it smelled? You certainly don’t want it smelling stale or mildewy. You’ll want to pick something a little subtle like tea tree or lavender, as some people are rather sensitive to strong odors, but definitely pick a scent that means something to you. If you need to deodorize in a pinch, boiling some cinnamon sticks is a great way to chase off some of those unwanted smells.


With voice-activated smart home audio systems, it’s a breeze to queue up your favorite songs or even just some light background music or natural sounds. You may not want loud music pumping all the time, but some soft music at a reserved volume can really make a difference when you’re entertaining. For those who prefer some more low-tech options, wind chimes come in a variety of materials that can range from xylophone-like music to soft bamboo patters. Are you going for a serene and calm feeling, or something a little more mystical and exciting? It’s just one more extra little detail that can help your home really feel like you.

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