7 Tips You Can Use With Your Phone To Improve Your Productivity

7 Tips You Can Use With Your Phone To Improve Your Productivity

Smartphones are the ideal devices for the modern generation that can equip you with tools for messaging, playing music, clicking pictures, navigating, attending office meetings, and more. But the device is useless unless you can determine the right ways to use it for the productivity makeover. In the following post, there is a compilation of the seven best tips that will help convert the mobile phone into a productivity powerhouse. 

Tip #1: Reshuffling the app list

The moment you turn on the home screen of the phone, lots of app icons show up. Most of them are usually the social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, or Instagram. Some even have the shopping applications like Amazon right on the main screen. 

It is time to remove these apps from the main screen and replace them with a fresh bunch of apps that include:

  • Wellness apps to track your health and encourage daily exercising habits.
  • Newspaper apps where you can learn about current affairs and every other bit of news.
  • Language development apps to learn new languages.
  • Historic or geographic channel apps to know a lot about other countries and historic ages. 

Seeing these apps on turning the phone on will entice you to use these frequently instead of wasting time checking out others’ pictures on social media.

Tip #2: Time management

Effective time management is a vital factor in enhancing your productivity any day. But if you are not good at prioritizing the tasks, you may fail to accomplish the to-do list. If you need the right structure to approach your day, you can start using apps that offer time management techniques. 

  • Some apps break your day into chunks of specific tenures which will help you to set the task maintaining timing. You will be glad to know how much time you can enjoy as leisure if you can maintain routine at work.
  • Use the timer-based apps where you can give yourself targets to fulfill within the deadline. This is the appropriate way to utilize time and develop yourself. 

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Tip #3: Turn off notifications

Every time someone likes your post or shares a reel, or comments on your profile, the notification will illuminate the screen and distract you from unnecessary things. And you will take almost half an hour to get back to the work you were doing. 

Turn off the notifications to avoid distractions. It will allow you to work in a constant flow that will always improve the quality of work and productivity. Do not disturb mode is helpful when you want complete concentration on work in the next few hours. 

Tip #4: Right use of camera

Mobile cameras are not only for clicking selfies and uploading on Instagram. You can use the camera to make life easier and save time. Go through the following examples to have a rough idea.

  • Take a snap of the fridge or pantry before going to the shop. You can figure out what o buy after checking the picture. 
  • If you fail to remember the car parking sites all the time, take a picture of the nearest crossing or a video to recall.

Screenshots are also helpful to maintain documentation and records. 

Tip #5: Voice messages and voice transcription

Certain apps will allow automatic conversion of voicemails into emails or text messages so that you can read them at your convenient time. The voice message feature saves you from typing numerous sentences to waste time.

Tip #6: Delete engaging apps

When you have a project deadline and want to finish up real fast, just delete the apps that consume the maximum time of your life. It can be the social media sites in most cases. You can accomplish more by saving precious time.

Tip #7: Airplane mode on

Airplane mode is not for use only during flight. The mode can prevent the delivery of messages to wrong contacts or fast charging when you are in a rush. It can even restore the signal strength. 

Improve yourself

If you wish to enhance your concentration at work and focus on one job continuously to boost productivity, it is essential to follow the above suggestions. 

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