7 Top Reasons to Fall for Middleton Idaho

If you know Idaho for potatoes and gems, this is the least you know about this wonderful place. There are so many interesting and beautiful surprises, you are sure to fall for Idaho. The scenic landscape, clean air, and flora, all make it a perfect place to buy a property. Plan for a vacation in your property or just move in for a peaceful life, Idaho welcomes everyone with warmth.

Let us check out what makes Idaho a loving choice for property buyers.

1. Incredible Natural Beauty

Idaho is a huge geographical region and hence it covers two time zones. The state incorporates the Rocky Mountains, green hills, rivers, jagged peaks, lakes, farmlands and almost everything that needs to make a diverse place.

The geography of this place is an amazing mix of scenic beauty. The breathtaking view of the landscape and diverse nature is a way to quench the thirst of people always in search of beautiful places. Even a walk on the street is an experience in itself. Peek out of a window and you will never miss that spectacular view. You can even buy a binoculars and start bird watching as a hobby. Surely, living in a place like Idaho is nothing less than a dream come true.

2. Best Schools & Career

When you are planning to move to a new city with your family, school is the first thing you seek. Idaho offers well structured educational institutions featuring all the needs of today’s education system, especially in the Idaho capital. Well qualified teachers, library, space and equipment for extracurricular activities, all that it takes for a complete education system.

Idaho is among the fastest-growing cities of America and hence offers immense opportunity to talented ones and has great demand of workforce as it is constantly progressing financially, industrially and technologically. According to a recent study, the fastest ten growing jobs in 2019 in Idaho include Web Developer, Stylist, Home Health Aide, Property Manager, Software Developer, Animal Care Technician, Instructor, Marketing Internship, Drywall Sander and Real Estate Agent.

3. Good Agriculture Good Food

Moving to a new place often haunts the concern of food types. Thankfully, Idaho is rich in agriculture and hence the food. The state harvests varieties of crops such as potatoes, peas, barley, onions, beets, plums, and mint. All in all, there are 185 varieties of products come from agriculture.

There are so many varieties in potatoes that Idaho has a separate museum for this called Potato Museum. Potato of Idaho holds its significance in terms of its taste compared to the potatoes grown in other states. Climatic conditions, rich volcanic soil, irrigation, and harvesting pattern, they all play an important role in making the potatoes of Idaho super special.

4. Affordable Living Cost & Property Rates

It is incredibly cheap to stay in Idaho and when it costs less you get more reasons to enjoy your life. Whether it is food or any other life necessities, all are inexpensive if compared to other places in the Pacific Northwest region.

Even properties for sale are also available at affordable prices. For those, planning to buy a property, it is advised to choose something close to the city. According to Jeff Stewart from Stewartrealtyllc.com, Middleton Idaho is a perfect location for those seeking acreage properties that are still close to a town. It gives the benefit of both being close to facilities and staying away from the noisy city.

5. World-Class Entertainment & Recreational Activities

If you are an adventure seeker, Idaho is a paradise for you. There are so many activities you can enjoy on weekends, such as amusement/water parks, mountain biking, hiking, hunting and more.  You can even learn crossbow hunting. People who love recreational water activities there are things to do like white-water floating, trout fishing, rafting, camping, etc. Activities like snowboarding, downhill skiing, cross country skiing, golfing, rock-hounding and kite-boarding are the other activities not for chicken hearts.

Other than recreational activities, Idaho has myriads of interesting places to visit. The Warhawk Air Museum, Military History Museum, Yankee Motor Museum, James Castle House, Mining and Geology Museum, the Basque Museum and Cultural Center, Idaho Black History Museum, Idaho State Historical Museum, Idaho State Capitol Building, and Old Idaho State Penitentiary are just a few to name.

6. Low Crime Rate

According to the recent survey, Idaho has the lowest crime rate which means you can walk down the street at any time in the day or night without any threat. This is the reason why citizens are friendly and extremely helpful. Visit any spot, grocery shops, supermarket, or parks, you will find people communicating even to strangers with ease. Ask for help and they are ready at once.

If compared, crime rates for both violent and property crimes are less than nationwide rates. There is only 2.67 per 1,000 people who can fall, the victim if compared to 4.49 nationally. Probably, this is why Idaho is considered as one of the best cities to live in the United States.

7. Cleanliness Comes First

Idaho is a state that doesn’t like to litter. Though, it is not so densely populated but has very friendly citizens who consider the entire state as their home. So, littering may cost too high in terms that you may get catcalls, honks or even something worse. They love to keep their surroundings clean, no matter if it is street, park, lake, river, mountain, or even air! They love everything clean and expect the same from anyone newly arrived.

Over recent years the population of Idaho has been increasing significantly, certainly because people’s interest is rising. And why not? Idaho is a place where peace and progress stay together. According to the record, people from big cities are more attracted to this state in search of its serene beauty and peaceful lifestyle. Among many others, California tops the list of migrants to Idaho.

Not to forget, Idaho is the fastest-growing state in the United States and according to experts, the growth will continue the next 10 years and even more. For everyone considering Idaho for relocation, it is high time to look for your piece of property.

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