7 Ways In Which You Can Make Money Off Your App

If you are in the process of developing your own application you are probably all too familiar with the long and grueling process it can be. Unless of course you have a team of developers working around the clock to develop your app. But if you are building an application for yourself and plan to eventually generate money from the application you may be wondering how this is made possible and how you can make a profit.

Creating Your Own Website – PPC

You wouldn’t need to make a very prestigious website, in fact you don’t need to make one at all but it would certainly be beneficial if you did. You see, when you have a website you will be able to link information regarding your application to your app. This link can then be used to advertise on other sites. You would ask the page to host your advertisement and pay per click which is when a potential client clicks on the link which is then directed to your website. The best PPC company from Miami would advise you to do the same, create a website and PPC advertising.

In App Advertising

The most common form of making money from your app is allowing other companies to advertise on your app. It grasps the attention of users and the business owners pay you for this.

In App Purchases

This option allows users to unlock additional features which are bought through your application. You can choose which kinds of features you would want your users to pay for and branch out from there.

Subscription Fees

This is a highly effective of making money from your application. The user will either be allowed access to your application for a certain period of time where when that time is up they will be required to sign up as a subscriber or alternatively, you can give your user free functionality until a certain amount of uses have been reached and then would charge the subscription fee.

Paid For

Put a price tag on your app and charge the user for the application as a once off deal.


This involves getting a company or a brand with the same drive or end goal as you and teaming up together to perform at an optimal level. You would be expanding your database of users and be getting the necessary exposure you need to grow while paying your sponsor a sponsorship fee.

An Affiliate Program

This is where you will go into a business agreement where your affiliates will pay you to advertise what they need advertised and basically have this tailored to both your preferences.

There are a number of ways you could make money from your application, the trick is to understand what you want from your app and depending on the service it delivers, well you could make up your mind there. Keep in mind that you needn’t stick to one method of generating income, you are entitled to using more than one method if that works for you.

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