7 Ways to Renovate Your Home with Custom Woodwork

7 Ways to Renovate Your Home with Custom Woodwork fi

Including custom woodwork in a home, renovation is a great idea. When placed strategically within a room or through the whole home, custom woodwork can make the area unique, attractive, and more enjoyable.

There are different ways that custom woodwork can make its way into each room. From custom cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom to a custom closet, custom bookcase, or even wood ceilings, there are so many options available.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the different ways you can add custom woodwork to your home renovation project!

1. Built-In Furniture

You can create your furniture to help the area look custom and get the exact style that you want. Something as simple as a built-in cabinet can be used in almost any room in the home, with easy customizations to make it fit the space that you need.

Easily display the items that you want, either with simple woodwork or something more in-depth to fit your unique style while adding functionality to any room.

There are different types of built-in furniture you can choose depending on the space in your home. Entertainment systems are a good option here. You can tuck them into the wall and pick how many shelves and drawers you need to hold your games, movies, and pictures.

In a small spare bedroom, consider adding custom woodwork around the bed, allowing it to fold up and add more space when the bed is not in use. Custom furniture like couches and chair in any room of the home will stand out too.

2. Custom Cabinetry

Cabinets are a beautiful way to add some custom woodwork to your home. Update your kitchen with some professional-looking cabinets that you are sure to love. Many homeowners choose cookie-cutter cabinets for their kitchen from a big box store.

Homeowners often choose these cabinets because they are simple and often save money compared to custom woodwork cabinets. These can be fine, but they do not add the customization you need.

While purchasing pre-made cabinets may be easier, custom woodwork cabinets can add a bit of elegance to the area that you are certain to love. You can choose from different types of cabinets, finishes, and even stains to create the exact cabinets that you want for your kitchen or bathroom style.

 3. Finishing Carpentry

Finishing carpentry is the option you should choose when adding elegant finishing touches to any home renovation you wish to complete. It can include many items within the home, giving you the freedom to design the way that you like.

Finishing carpentry can include things like doors and moldings, fireplace mantles, some wall units that you build into the wall, and other woodwork added to the interior of your home.

If finishing carpentry is an idea you are interested in, hire a professional to help you with it. They can take your ideas and turn them into something that is very creative and looks beautiful at the same time. Even if you are uncertain what you want exactly, a professional carpenter can help create something you love. Your carpenter can use the best cedar for saunas for your sauna project.

 4. Custom Closets

A closet is a great area to add in some custom woodwork. It is also the best time to clean out and get organized. You can often work with custom cabinet companies to help build the exact custom woodwork closet of your dreams.

Get creative here. Think about how you use your closet and what features would be nice to customize. Add in the shelving and the cabinets that you want. Even the hangers and hooks can be customized to your liking to create the look you want.

 5. Using Reclaimed Wood Beams or Floors

Reclaimed wood beams or floors can look amazing as well. You can highlight some of the wood flooring that is already present in your home if it is there with new stains and colors. You may need to renovate it a little bit.

Adding reclaimed wood beams to the walls to frame in a room, or can even make a new bookshelf or another point of interest inside your home.

 6. Wood Ceilings

One trick you can use to make any small space look larger is to create depth. Adding character to a space that would not have it otherwise can help to develop this depth. Adding wood to the ceilings in smaller rooms to make them feel bigger without a lot of hard work.

Consider the lighting inside the room you want to use. If the lighting is limited,  you may need to consider a lighter type of wood, or at least a stain that is lighter. Rooms with lots of natural light can look amazing with a darker stain.

 7. Adding in Stains

Many homeowners focus on painting the wood around the home. This helps the wood blend into the wall and fit the room. However, when you want to showcase the wood and customize the space, paint has the opposite effect.

Instead of using paint on your wood, whether it is already there or you plan to add it in, use a dark stain. Deep warm stains with mahogany and walnut will bring out the tones of the wood and will make it really stick out.

If you do plan to go with paint, pick one that can still highlight the beauty of your wood. You want the wood to show out if you add it into the renovation, so take some time to plan this out.

 Making Your Home Beautiful with Customized Woodwork

Customized woodwork is such a simple way to make your home look amazing. It can fit in almost any location in the home and different wood types and stain colors can make it easy to customize to your current décor.

Whether you plan to renovate one room in the home and want to add something unique inside with the customized woodworking, or you have an ambitious whole-home renovation, consider how you can add some woodwork to make it all stand out.

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