7 Ways To Transform Boring Offices Into Creative Workplaces

7 Ways To Transform Boring Offices Into Creative Workplaces

Working in an office environment can either be inspiring or sterile. Rather than spending copious hours working in a dull and boring environment, people are far more productive when stimulated by more vibrant surroundings.

This article is going to be taking a look at some cool and interesting ways to transform boring and uninspiring offices into more creative workspaces.

#1 – Decorate Those Bland Office Walls

If your office is typical of many, then the walls are probably dull and lacking any sort of decoration, other than things like certifications, diplomas, or business notations and reminders. While there’s nothing wrong with these, they’re hardly inspiring.

Adding just a few things such as inspirational photos, or framed photos with inspirational quotes, can really make all the difference. Reproductions of artwork is another simple and inexpensive option, or you can be extra creative and design your own artwork for the walls of the office. Furthermore, if you are renovating the restrooms, choosing restroom partitions from One Point Partitions in the same style as your new office color will help create a harmonious atmosphere in the workplace.

#2 – Add Some Pizzazz With Cordless Table Lamps

Cordless table lamps are all the buzz these days, as they are super convenient, there are no messy cords and the range and styles are diverse and attractive. Battery-operated lamps are cost-effective and stylish as well as practical.

If you were to go online to view some examples, you would soon see just how inspirational these lamps can be. Add some cool and modern mood lighting to all the rooms in your office and the place will be transformed visually. Lighting really does set the mood.

#3 – Set Up a “Creativity” Room

This is a practice that’s becoming increasingly more trendy in recent years. Basically, a creative room is a special think tank room. These rooms look less like offices and more like a comfortable place to relax and chat and have discussions. One example is to design the room like it’s a space at a trendy cafe. Have lounges, coffee tables, an espresso machine and make the space light and airy, or set a creative tone with mood lighting. Most of all, the area needs to be very comfortable, relaxed, and informal.

There are many different ideas you could use for a room of this nature. Maybe search online for some inspiration.

#4 – Make the Office Feel More Homely

The days of formal and sterile office spaces are fading into the distance. These days, people want and expect an office environment to feel more comfortable, relaxed, and even somewhat homely. Adding in more comfortable furniture such as couches can help. Placing more items of a personal nature around an individual’s office is another way to instill a feeling of homeliness.

The idea is to make employees feel happy and comfortable to be at work. The more content a worker is, the more productive and positive they generally are. Just a few select touches can make all the difference.

#5 – Add Some Feature Walls

Feature walls could be designed in each individual office, or there could be a main one somewhere near the entrance or reception. The sky’s the limit when it comes to designing a feature wall. It could contain something relevant to the business, or something totally abstract. There are no hard and fast rules.

Paint a wall in a bold color, add some artwork or something that catches the eye, then highlight that feature with directional lighting. Anything that’s inspirational or eye-catching is what you’ll be going for.

#6 – Cultivate a Touch of Nature

Liven up the entire office area with some hardy and pleasant indoor plants. Provided your office is light and airy and people look after the plants, they’ll thrive in an office environment.

There’s nothing quite like adding a hint of nature to make a space look more inviting and feel more relaxing. Having plants, color, and greenery in each room can make all the difference between being sterile and comfortable.

#7 – Allow Pets

If it’s possible in your building, allow people to bring their pets in with them. There’s no better way to create a happy and positive vibe than having some cute and friendly animals around. You’ll also be surprised how this can increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace, so give it a trial run and see how it goes.

The Wrap

There are many different ways you can transform a boring office environment into something inspiring, positive, and fun.

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