8 Amazing Ideas To Modernize Your Bathroom

If you are a homeowner whose bathroom is stuck in the past, then it’s time to modernize it. There’s very little in one’s home that can be quite as unattractive as an old-looking bathroom can. They nearly always look dirty, even if they aren’t. In addition to looking dirty, they are nearly always painted in gaudy colors. Modernizing one’s bathroom isn’t as difficult as you might think. It can be as simple as applying a new coat of paint and replacing your appliances.

This post will explore modernizing one’s bathroom in greater detail, offering eight amazing ideas:

Walk-in Bathtub

Walk-in bathtubs are very popular at the moment. Most people associate their use with people that have mobility issues or the very elderly, but they can in fact come in very handy for just about anybody. One of their main benefits is that they significantly reduce the likelihood of bath-related slips and falls. If you are interested in purchasing one, then visit a new walk-in bath showroom so that you can get an idea of what’s in your price range. Some walk-in bathtubs, or even a custom shower pan, can be very expensive. If you don’t ever plan on moving out of the house that you currently live in, then a walk-in bathtub is an investment in your future. When you do eventually get old, you will be very pleased that you invested in a walk-in bathtub when you were young.


Downlights are another popular trend. The best thing about downlights is that they consume less electricity, but still produce quality, clear light. The reason for this is that downlights are able to convert energy into light, therefore meaning that they consume less heat. If you care about a cleaner environment, then they are the obvious option. Downlights also look extremely modern. You have probably seen them before because they are used almost everywhere. When construction workers are building houses, they usually install them. It’s very uncommon for newly built houses not to have downlights, especially in the bathroom. Downlights are also a lot safer than traditional light bulbs, especially in a bathroom setting. This is because they use lesser voltage and are less susceptible to damage from steam and water.

Wall-mounted Furniture

Wall-mounted furniture can be expensive but is worth the investment. The reason for this is that not only does wall-mounted furniture look better, but it is also actually a lot more practical and takes up less room. The main cost associated with the use of wall-mounted furniture is installation. Unless you are a contractor, you likely won’t have what it takes to attach furniture to the wall safely. The most common items used in wall-mounted furniture are shelves and cabinets, but you can also attach your sink and toilet to the wall. If you are going to attach cabinets and shelving units to your wall, then put them as high as you can (while still being comfortable). This is so that you can maximize floor space.


Most modern bathrooms have tiles. The type of tiles that you use for your bathroom depends entirely on your taste. Do you want any patterns? If not, what color tiles do you want to use? A trend that’s picking up a lot of steam at the moment is the use of colored Moroccan and Turkish tiles. These tiles can be purchased from nearly all bathroom stores, usually for cheap. You can also find antique ones, but they can be incredibly expensive. If you don’t want to use colored tiles, then you can just use ordinary bathroom tiles. Brown and mauve are popularly used colors.

Rainfall Shower

Rainfall showers are one of the latest trends in bathroom designs. These showerheads ensure that every shower is relaxing because the water soaks your face. This means that you don’t have to keep moving around and angling your showerhead to face you. In addition to that, rainfall showerheads also have better coverage, because the showerheads are bigger than ordinary showerheads. These showerheads are also sleek and modern; they will bring your house into the 21st century. While they can be expensive to purchase and install, they are a great investment if you want to modernize your bathroom.

8 Amazing Ideas To Modernize Your Bathroom

Color Scheme

You need to select a color scheme that’s congruous with your home’s overall design. An amateur mistake made by many people when they are renovating their bathroom is to ultra-modernize their bathroom while leaving their home looking old. It’s also common for people to add a lot of color to their bathroom, despite their homes being minimalist in style. You need to make sure that you do not go against your home’s design because no matter how modern your bathroom is, anybody that uses it will think that it looks very strange. If you aren’t going to tile your bathroom, then an alternative to painting it is the use of wallpaper.

Touch Technology

Touch technology is gaining a lot of popularity with homeowners because it is efficient and doesn’t use a lot of energy. The best thing about technology is that you don’t have to soak your faucet handles when you are turning them off. Additionally, no bacteria will contaminate your faucet before you wash your hands. You won’t have to wash your faucet after you are done washing your hands. If you don’t touch your faucet because you use touch technology, then no germs can spread to it. Touch technology also looks very cool.


Efficiency should be your main concern. The world is currently experiencing an economic downturn, with energy prices rising exponentially. Modern architecture and design is all about efficiency. In order for you to bring your home into the 21st century, then you need to embrace efficiency. Efficiency doesn’t just save you money, however, it also looks very cool. Japanese minimalism is an example of how efficiency has become a trend in its own right. Japanese minimalism (along with Scandi minimalism) is one of the world’s most popular interior design trends.

If your bathroom is old and needs a breath of fresh air, then why not update it? Updating one’s bathroom can be expensive, but there are ways of saving money. Instead of buying shelves, furniture, and other things new, pick them up second-hand. You could also purchase larger things like your bathtub and shower as part of a finance arrangement so that you can spread their cost.

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