8 Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Garage In Shape

8 Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Garage In Shape

A garage is a normal part of a family home. Garages are for parking and protecting the cars you use every day. A garage can also store your gardening and home improvement materials. Because it is a common place where you go in and out, it tends not to be in your attention. Garages are not like living rooms where you spend most of your time. It is not like a bedroom where you need to style. However, garages need maintenance.

As a homeowner, you do not usually have time to do it on your own. With help from Eagles Garage, you can get the help you need in maintaining your garage at home. Garage maintenance is not as difficult as you think. Here are some maintenance tips you can do to keep your garage in shape.

Tip 1: Garage doors should be working

The first thing you will see in your garage is the garage door. Older garage doors tend to be loud and drafty. Here are simple to-do things when checking and maintaining your garage doors:

  • clean the garage door removing all the dirt, dust, and rust
  • lubricate the rollers, springs, hinges, and other components
  • check the rubber seal if worn out
  • inspect for working garage door sensors
  • replace rubber weather-stripping
  • paint and preserve the garage door

Tip 2: Good condition garage floor

As the base of your garage, your garage floor is in good condition. Cracks will cause floor leaks which can destroy the overall quality of your garage.

There are many garage flooring options you can choose from, this includes:

  • polished concrete flooring
  • epoxy flooring
  • rubber tile flooring
  • interlocking flooring tiles
  • stone flooring
  • vinyl flooring
  • peel-and-stick flooring tiles

Tip 3: Inspect the garage walls

Maintaining your garage in shape would need an inspection of the interior and exterior parts of the walls. Check for any mold and discoloration on the walls.

You can also improve your garage walls with the following ideas:

  • adding wall insulation to your garage walls
  • painting your garage walls
  • install panels and storage system
  • drywalling the garage walls
  • adding wall hooks on garage walls
  • adding garage shelves
  • installing garage baseboards on the walls
  • wall lighting installation
  • adding garage wall art

Tip 4: Inspect for pests

The last you want to happen in your garage is to have a pest infestation. Termites, rodents, ants, and cockroaches can destroy your garage. These pests can chew up woodworks in your garage and will cause you more for repairs.

There are some ways you can do to keep pests away from your garage, this includes:

  • removing the existing infestation with pesticides or traps
  • decluttering your garage
  • sealing cracks in your garage
  • removing food products that pests love
  • closing the garage door tightly

Tip 5: Install storage for your garage things

You do not want to keep things lying on your garage floors. You can build storage for spare tires, work gloves, tools, and supplies.

Here are some storage ideas for you can for your garage:

  • installing heavy-duty storage hooks
  • placing overhead storage racks
  • stackable plastic bins
  • lockable cabinets
  • having a bike storage rack
  • installing a power tool organizer
  • wall-mounting cabinets and storage drawers

Tip 6: Keep the hazards away

All garages have some hazards that you need to keep away. These hazards need a storing where children cannot reach them. There are different kinds of garage hazards, this includes:

  • wirings and electrical circuits and outlets
  • combustible liquids like gasoline, oil, fluid, and solvents
  • paint and paint thinners
  • fertilizers and garden chemicals
  • garage clutters
  • leaning ladders
  • faulty garage doors

Tip 7: Keep the air flowing

Garages have enclosed structures. You need to be able to breathe inside your garage.

Here are some ways you can keep the air flowing in your garage:

  • installing a window in your garage
  • installing an air conditioner
  • keeping your door open while you are inside the garage

Tip 8: Seal your garage roofing

One reason why garages have worn out is because of the leaks in the garage roof. Sealing your roof will protect your garage from weather conditions like rain, snow, and heat.

There are different types of roofing material you can use for your garage, this includes:

  • steel roofing sheets
  • bitumen garage roofing sheets
  • plastic roofing sheets
  • fiber cement roofing sheets

Why is it necessary to maintain your garage?

Your garage should be in the top working condition. You need to maintain your garage due to the following reasons:

  • for you and your family’s safety
  • avoid uncalled repairs
  • convenience
  • higher property value
  • longer lifespan of your garage

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