8 Reasons You Should Get Your Car Serviced Regularly


8 Reasons You Should Get Your Car Serviced Regularly

Servicing your car should be on your to-do list every once in a while.

It’s an important part of owning a car and forgetting to put it in for a service could have some serious repercussions.

Here we discuss 8 important reasons why it’s important to get your car serviced regularly.

 1. Safety

First and foremost are safety concerns. A car that has not been regularly serviced will be at higher risk of getting into an accident, or something going wrong that could have been prevented had the issue been caught at the workshop.

And while doing a DIY job at home can certainly top up the oil and maybe rectify a few other things, many of us don’t check all the components are in working order.

Servicing your car regularly will ensure:

  • Your suspension and brakes are working properly
  • Your engine components are healthy
  • Your wheel alignment is correct
  • Your safety tech and driver assists are functioning normally

But getting your car serviced at any workshop isn’t the answer. Make sure you’re going to a qualified mechanic who deals with your car make. For example, if you own a Subaru – get a professional Subaru service.

2. Lengthen your car’s lifespan

Your car is an investment. No matter what you use it for – work, leisure, or just running the kids to school and back. And chances are, you spent hard-earned money on your car – so protecting its lifespan is in your very best interest.

A car that goes unserviced is far likelier to conk out earlier and before its time compared to a car that has been serviced on a regular basis.

If you want your car to last for longer, then regular services are vital. But just sticking to a regular interval may not be enough. If you use your car a lot over a certain period – say 1 year – you may want to book it in earlier to be on the safe side.

3. Minimise chances of a breakdown

No one likes to break down. It’s embarrassing, frustrating, and will most likely take the day to sort out insurance, towing, and a replacement car if necessary. Breakdowns happen all the time, but it’s easy to minimise the chances by ensuring your car is running on a healthy engine with all the right checks.

If you notice something isn’t right or looks out of place, always make sure you follow up as soon as possible with a professional service. It could just save you.

4. Maintain performance

If you appreciate your car’s performance – whether that’s in a straight line or around corners, it’s a good idea to book your car in for a service on the regular.

Whether it’s your old clunker or your new sports car, mechanics know how to fine-tune a car for ultimate performance. And there’s no reason why yours can’t be too.

Getting the most out of your car does require a bit of work, but it’s totally worth it in the long term.

5. Stave off small malfunctions

There’s nothing worse than your air-conditioning pushing out hot air, or that one warning sign on the dashboard causing you to freak out every time you turn the car on.

Small malfunctions are common in all cars and should be treated with relative caution, no matter what the issue.

If you notice something small is not working properly – make a note to get it fixed when you can.

6. Avoid traffic fines and penalties

While it’s just not worth the panic when your Bluetooth system crashes, more serious issues like broken brake lights or headlights should command some attention. You don’t want to be caught out and have to pay a fine for something that could easily be avoided in routine service.

7. Fuel efficiency and environmental impact

A routinely served car has less impact on the environment as it uses less fuel. And while we need cars to get around, ensuring we’re not making the problem of car pollution worse is the least we can do. A well-serviced car means you will have a lower fuel bill too, so it’s a win-win. If you start to notice black fumes, or a chemical smell while you drive, this is a sign you need a service as soon as possible.

8. Keep your resale value intact

Keeping your car’s service history up to date means you’ll have a better chance of selling your car for a higher amount – if you choose to do so.

One of the first things potential car buyers look at is the service records. Any large gaps will be a warning sign and may scare them away. If you plan on upgrading your car – or even trading it in at a dealership – you’ll also want to present a healthy service record.

Book your car in today

Whether you’re planning on selling your car or driving it to the ground, a solid service record will save you money in the long run. Your car is an important investment in your life and you want to keep it healthy and you and your passengers safe.

Book your car in for a full-service today and have peace of mind knowing your vehicle is in working order.

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