8 Signs Your Carpet Needs To Undergo Deep Cleaning

Perhaps. you vacuum your carpet once a week. Using the vacuum cleaner regularly on your carpet can help remove dust, dirt, and other debris from the flooring material. But, the carpet might need to undergo deep cleaning. However, how can you know if it’s the right time for that endeavor?  Continue reading the rest of the article to know eight signs your carpet needs a deep clean.

Visible Stains

Stains and spots can ruin the visual appeal of the carpet. Spilling wine, orange juice, and other colored liquids on the fabric might make the material look worse for wear.

Note that flipping the carpet to the other side to hide the stains isn’t a good idea. If you do this method, you run the risk of making the discoloration become permanent. Also, the underside of the flooring might not look clean, so flipping it over might make matters worse.

Instead, opt to have your carpet undergo deep cleaning. You can start by blotting the stains as soon as the spilling incident occurs. Don’t waste time as the stain will become tougher to remove as you squander seconds.

Remember to blot and don’t wipe. Wiping will only worsen the stain. Use a clean cloth dipped in a carpet-cleaning solution to blot the offending area. The procedure may take a while, but you should see the stain disappearing over time.

Still, blotting can take more than a few minutes to complete. Consider hiring professional carpet cleaning services instead if you don’t have the time to spare to remove stains and spots from the flooring material.

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Foul Smell

Have you ever walked into your house and caught off-guard by a foul stench lingering in the air?  Perhaps, the first thought that comes to mind is that you forgot to take out the trash. If you successfully removed the garbage from your abode, perhaps, the offensive smell comes from your carpet.

Understand that carpet fibers are akin to magnets as these materials can gather dust, dirt, and other filthy particulates from the vicinity. Moreover, the flooring may also attract the growth of mold and mildew, particularly if you’re living in a relatively damp location.

The combination of these filthy substances will cause the carpet to release a foul smell. Breathing this stinky scent may cause several problems, some of which can become detrimental to household members’ health.

Note that it’s possible to remove the stench from the carpet using deodorants and fabric perfumes. However, using these products only tends to provide temporary solutions to the issue. Over time, the disgusting odor will return. If the smell keeps returning or doesn’t seem to go away, it’s time for a deep carpet cleaning, at which point you should start looking for a professional who can help such as this Rug Cleaning Melbourne company, who can help you get rid of the smell efficiently and effectively.

One way to remove foul smell from your carpet is to mix vinegar with water-based carpet-cleaning solutions, such as carpet shampoo or isopropyl alcohol. Then, pour the mixture in a carpet steamer and use the device as directed.

But, this particular solution may not eliminate mold and mildew growth in the flooring material. If so, it’s best to tackle this issue from the source to help you save money, time, and effort.

Otherwise, cleaning mold and mildew from the carpet will make the harmful substances return if you don’t find the source of their growth.

Water Damage

Has your house been a victim of a recent flooding incident?  Excess water doesn’t mix well with carpet fibers.

As mentioned above, excess dampness may open the doors to mold and mildew growth. If you don’t attend to this concern soon, household members may contract health complications.

Deep clean your carpet after clearing the water damage issue from your home. Also, ensure that you fix the source of the water outbreak so you won’t have to deal with a similar problem soon.

Remember, dealing with the source of the issue that damaged your carpet’s integrity is an efficient way to clean the flooring material. Focusing your cleaning efforts on the carpet alone will only provide the household with a temporary solution.

Hence, aside from having the flooring deep cleaned, consider fixing the source of the water damage. For example, your basement doesn’t have an effective seal to protect the room from leaks. Apply sealants on windows, doors, and cracks to ensure rainwater won’t seep through and potentially damage the flooring.

Allergy Attacks

Is it allergy season in your area?  If not, your carpet might be the primary suspect as to why you and other household members are having allergy attacks.

Remember, carpet fibers can attract dust, dirt, and other unclean substances. Moreover, these tiny, harmful objects can become airborne. Breathing these particulates can cause respiratory problems. Also, staying inside a dusty room for extended periods may cause skin allergies.

Are you unsure if piles of dust are already in the carpet’s fibers?  Try stepping on the material. You should see a small puff of dust or dirt moving away from the stepped area. If you see this indication, it’s time for some deep cleaning.

A deep clean with a recommended vacuum cleaner may help eliminate these allergens from the flooring material. The trick here is to use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air, and filters with this acronym mean the component met the recommended standards for home cleaning devices.

Thus, traditional vacuum cleaners might not provide deep clean results. So, consider investing in a HEPA vacuum to help reduce allergy attacks in your home significantly.

Never Cleaned

Carpets can’t clean themselves. Thus, you need to schedule a time to remove unclean substances from the material’s fabrics frequently.

Perhaps, it’s been months since the carpet’s last cleaning or cleaning the flooring material never crossed your mind. If so, there’s no time like the present to have your carpet deep cleaned.

Deep cleaning your carpet will ensure that it’s going to look like it recently came out of the store. Consider having the material deep cleaned at least once a year to help maintain its beauty. Moreover, deep cleaning can help extend the life of the floor covering. Hence, you can save money for the long-term since you’re not going to purchase another carpet soon.


It’s safe to say that it’s inevitable for pets to urinate, defecate, or vomit all over your nice carpet. These waste materials can ruin carpet fibers, not to mention these substances can stink up the place.

Deep clean your carpet if your pet decides to make the floor covering as their peeing or pooping spot. Don’t forget to train your animal companion to ensure these “accidents” won’t happen again.


Unclean carpets will look dull and dirty. You might be unsure if these floor coverings in your home already need deep cleaning. Consider trying the following method, especially if you have different carpets with similar designs in your home.

Take a picture of the carpets using your smartphone. Then, make a collage of all the carpet pictures you took with the help of a photo editing app. Compare the photos, and you should see some of these floor coverings will have their colors discolored.

Discolored carpets look dull and will need a deep clean. Several reasons exist that can cause the colors to fade from their fibers. Spills from drinks and food, along with layers of dirt, can contribute to discoloration.

Vacuuming may help remove some of the discolorations, although the positive results might be minimal at best. Instead, opt to do more than conventional vacuuming to restore the fabric’s original vibrancy.

Start the deep cleaning process by vacuuming the discolored area. Vacuum the entirety of the floor covering if every corner looks dull. Then, use a carpet shampooer, preferably with an enzyme-based cleaning agent. Let the carpet dry before moving to the next step.

Once the flooring material is dry, check if the discoloration or dullness persists. If so, shampoo the fabric as many times as needed until the bright colors return.

Visitors’ Comments

It can be quite embarrassing to hear comments about the cleanliness of your carpet from household guests. But, you need to be open to these comments so you can take the necessary actions.

Note that many households won’t know if their carpets need deep cleaning until visitors comment on the matter. It’s because household members might become used to the environment of their abodes. In turn, it’s tough to discern if their flooring needs more effective cleaning solutions or not.

Take your guests’ comments about your unclean carpets to heart. Consider having the floor covering deep cleaned once your visitors leave the premises. If you can’t find the time to do the task, opt to hire professional carpet cleaning services instead.


If you notice one or more of these signs, have your carpet undergo deep cleaning soon. You can use DIY methods to clean the fibers, or you can use professional cleaning services. Choosing the latter will help you save valuable time and effort in doing the task.

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