8 Warning Signs that will Indicate AC Repair

8 Warning Signs that will Indicate AC Repair

An air conditioner becomes the ultimate to stay cool amidst the sun re-emerging and soaring temperatures. You need your AC to be in its best working condition. Periodic AC Service can ensure the proper functioning of AC for a long time. Is your AC working properly? Or does it need to be repaired? Let’s find out the warning signs indicating AC repair.

Most Common Issues Faced By Your Air Conditioner

You need to ensure that your air conditioner is in its top state. According to the experts at housepro.net, your AC may face some common issues if you are not aware of its operations and not taking care of it regularly. Learn about the common problems that your AC might have so that you can repair it soon. The issues are,

  • Filter problems.
  • Thermostat not working.
  • Leaking refrigerant.
  • Drainage problems.
  • Faulty capacitors.
  • Overheating of your machine.
  • Fuses and breakers not working.
  • Clogged air ducts.
  • Issues with evaporator and condenser coils.
  • Worn-out contractors.

8 Warning Signs that will Indicate AC Repair

Your air conditioner consists of several components and parts, leaving more chances of having issues and problems. If you stay in a hot and humid place like Brisbane, and suddenly your AC stops working, you know how to feel. So it is important to find out problems before and get them repaired before summer arrives. Your AC will probably give out signs to ensure that its needs to be repaired. Mentioned below are some of 8 warning signs that will indicate that your air conditioner needs to be repaired.

Blowing Warm Air

Whenever you see warm air blowing out of your AC ducts, it indicates problems with the thermostat. Before calling a professional, make sure you have switched on the cool mode and set the temperature a bit lower than in your room.


If you notice moisture around your air conditioning system, then it needs to be repaired. Often it is treated as a minor problem. Moisture can be due to leaks or blockage near the drain tube that helps in the condensation process. This may not indicate an emergency, but you need to repair it to avoid further problems or mold growth.

Uneven Cooling

If you notice uneven cooling throughout your room, which means some spots are warm and some places are cold, it indicates a warning sign your AC needs to be repaired. It could be an issue with the insulation system of the air conditioner.

Frequent Cooling Cycles

Your air conditioner must have a proper routine cycle for cooling the environment, irrespective of the weather. The cooling system of your AC can switch more than usual in extremely hot weather, but it should not switch on and off constantly. If something like this happens, you need to call professionals to repair your AC. Brad Gall Air conditioning Brisbane has the best set of repairing experts who provide high-quality AC repairing services.

Unpleasant Smell or Odor

An unpleasant smell and odor may be another warning sign that your air conditioner needs to be repaired. Musty odor indicates bacterial growth such as mold, mildew, and fungi inside your AC. If you find the smell to be pungent and strong, then it might be of a burnt insulation wire. If you do not take immediate action, the health factor of your family might be at risk.

Strange Noises and Sounds

Most of the modern air conditioners have low-level sound only during switching on and shutting down. But if you hear unusual sounds and loud and sudden noises frequently, it can be a warning sign to repair your air conditioner and the issue might be serious too. If you hear a buzzing or rattling sound, it can be because of a loose connection, or if you hear a grinding or whistling noise, it might be from signaling issues. This is something that the experts can handle the best.

Frozen Coil

If you notice frozen coils for your air conditioner, it might be because of clogged air filters. But often frozen coil leads to serious and complicated issues like leakage in the refrigerant. It is important to call an expert whenever you see any warning sign like this without delay.

Significant Rise in Your Electricity Bill

You might notice fluctuating rates in your electricity bill every month. But if you find out that the bill rate has significantly increased, your air conditioner needs to be checked. It can be because your AC is not functioning properly and efficiently. If required, you can repair or replace the necessary parts that might be responsible for your bill increase.


You should never try to fix or repair intricate and complicated machines like your air conditioner on your own. Repairing air conditioners require special expertise and knowledge and that can only be done by professionals. If you notice any of the warning signs listed above, reach out to an expert.

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