8 Ways to Get Rid of Bathroom Odors

8 Ways to Get Rid of Bathroom Odors

Nobody likes to walk into a bathroom that smells like sewage and pee. What’s the use of having a high-end bathroom if it’s always going to smell horrid? Managing bathroom odor is as important as cleaning and maintaining the place. You may often feel that your bathroom always has a funky odor that you just can’t pinpoint. There are many reasons why your bathroom has unwanted smells even though it looks visually clean. Luckily, with our few simple tips and tricks like the ones below, you can easily get your bathroom to smell lovely without the use of harsh chemicals.

1. Better airflow and ventilation:

Poor ventilation is the number one cause why your bathroom is giving out stale scents. Maintaining good ventilation with fresh air moving around can make a huge difference in controlling bathroom odor. You can do that by installing a proper vent fan, cracking a window, or leaving the door open a bit whenever you leave the bathroom. Circulation of fresh air will keep any sort of foul smell from settling in the space and will also reduce the growth of mildew. Also, remember to clean out your ventilation fan every six months and always turn on the fan when taking a hot bath.

2. Use air fresheners:

Air fresheners, scented candles, flushable tablets are the holy grail of having your bathroom smell like a spring garden. They help overpower strong odors and save your nose from a horrible experience. You can use automatic air sprays, burn a candle, or opt for toilet tablets. If we talk about toilet tablets, they are incredibly handy even when you are out traveling. You can certainly use toilet mints for travel as well as keep a bunch in your purse or toilet for any time you feel annoyed with bathroom odor. These work wonders and are the easiest options available.

3. Get rid of the mold:

Mildew and mold are absolute headaches, especially if they contribute to bathroom odor as well. The thing is, when you use strong chemicals to clean mold, it leaves an extremely foul odor in the bathroom that could take days to ride out. Therefore, try to control the mold and mildew situation in your bathroom naturally by adequately ventilating the space whenever you shower or use the bathroom. You can use undiluted vinegar to clean stains and mold without the risk of fumes. It is one of the best DIY housekeeping ingredients that will give you effective results in more than one department.

4. Clean your bathroom regularly:

Deep cleaning your bathroom now and then, along with regular cleaning, is necessary for keeping it fresh. Your bathroom should be loaded with all the right cleaning gear so that you can nip in the bud the source of foul smell before it takes over the space.

You can start off by following the basic rule of flushing every time you use the bathroom, along with rinsing and cleaning the basin as well. You should clean your toilet tank frequently as well and drop toilet cleaning tablets in the tank for freshness. Other ways you can keep your bathroom smelling and looking fresh include scrubbing the bathtub and pipes, fixing grout cracks, washing the shower curtains, etc.

5. Use essential oils:

Do you want your bathroom’s pleasant smell to linger on as long as possible? Then try utilizing the scent of essential oils. Diffusers are readily available on the market, which you can use to spread the fresh aromas of essential oils around the bathroom. They will tackle even the nastiest bathroom odors way better and longer than air fresheners. You can go for something as pleasant as lavender or lemongrass, or you can use subtly powerful floral scents. Don’t want to go for a diffuser? You can work with a DIY hack where you simply dip a cotton ball in your preferred essential oil and place it in a dry corner.

6. Air dry bathroom mats and towels:

While fresheners and scents will tackle bathroom odor, you must also pay attention to eliminating things that cause bathroom odor in the first place. For instance, damp bathroom or floor mats, bath towels, and rugs can cause a funky smell in your bathroom.

If you want to curb bathroom odor, try to dry out towels and rugs instead of leaving them in the bathroom. While you are at it, you should also regularly take out bathroom trash as diapers, wet wipes, and feminine products that produce a strong odor. Try laundering your bathroom essentials at least once a week to avoid odor buildup.

7. Check for leaks and clogs:

As much as we’d like to blame unflushed toilets and damp towels for bathroom odors, there can be other non-obvious reasons as well. The funky smell coming from your bathroom can also be due to clogged drains or leaky pipes. Blocked drains can not only cause your bathroom to smell like a sewer but can also wreak havoc on your plumbing system. Therefore, at the first sign of a leaky or a blocked pipe, call for repair services immediately. You should look out for the seal under the toilet, sink traps, and pipes to avoid dirty water from standing in your bathroom.

8. Use desiccants:

Excess moisture has always been a big bathroom problem for as long as we can remember. While proper ventilation can take care of that matter, another way of getting rid of foul odor and moisture is to use desiccants. These are dry materials that do a phenomenal job removing humidity and bathroom odor. They are available as silica gel, but you must be careful where you place them as they are toxic if swallowed. Another safe and natural option is to use lily plants or ferns as they do the job equally well and look pleasing too.


Even though we go to the bathroom to take care of smelly businesses, it doesn’t mean that our bathroom should smell like that always. A fresh, pleasant, smelling, and clean bathroom is what we deserve every time we step into it. So, if you’ve been experiencing a foul bathroom odor that just can’t seem to go away, you’ve come to the right place. With our amazing tips to take care of your bathroom, you’ll have nothing but a freshly scented bathroom.

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