8 Ways to Upgrade A Building Lobby’s Decor

Imagine yourself entering an apartment through the lobby; one glance at the décor and you lose interest. So what do you think of the décor of the lobby? Is it of your taste? No, right! The lobby is the segment which welcomes and bids adieu to the visitors, but it is often the most neglected one in terms of interior designing. So can you uplift the décor of your lobby? Yeah, why not!

  1. Bring in some colors

Individuals walking right through the lobby of your building will be happy upon seeing the dash of colors. No matter how vivid and vibrant the décor of your building is, if the lobby looks dull, it wouldn’t bring much of an impact on your guests. If you aren’t very keen to experiment with fun colors, then stick to safe choices like browns and grays. As these colors are from the neutral palette it would please most and might stay longer as well if you plan to invest on a good-quality product.

  1. Paint is boring, what else is there?

As wall paint has been here since eternity, some might feel bored to death while looking at simply painted walls. If you don’t want that, rather you want to make a fine impression, then follow the instructions.

  • Want a quirky yet beautiful twist in your building lobby? Opt for architectural wall panels, the latest trend of this year. These come in beautiful shades, prints and even stripes, so go and pick the basement wall panels you like and then install it; it will take only a while.
  • If the former option doesn’t sound affordable for you, then relax we have got this option for you. Wall tiles are great to look at, and will also not burn a large hole in your pocket. A serene yet classic option if you ask; blue ceramic wall tile. If you are a person who has a love for abstract patterns then consider the basket weave wall tile. After that you would be getting visitors who would ogle at the walls before visiting you.
  1. See the furnishings? Now change it

If the lobby we are talking about is of a hotel, hospital or let’s say an office, it would also be the waiting area of the building. Now since a sitting area would not be so without a few furnishings, you would have to replace your furnishings real quick. Select the piece which although is cozy and welcoming isn’t too heavy or traditional because it maximizes visual space.

  • Comfort should be your top priority so act accordingly. Instead of chairs arranged linearly with a table in front of it, why not décor it with café tables or end tables. Few sleek chairs would be accompanying the tables and your lobby would look no less than a high-end café.
  • But, if you want the lobby to exceed the quotient of coziness, then install plump sofas coupled with tea tables.
  • If your lobby is designed to accommodate certain chosen items like books, papers, or even articles then choose glass storage furnishings as these visually expand the space.
  1. Flooring to help meet strong grip

Do you want visitors to enter your building and then be embarrassed because they have tripped themselves accidentally? No right? Then please walk on the floors of your lobby in haste and see if they are slippery enough to make one trip. As people might be bringing in a ton of dirt and mud from the outdoors the floor would be severely prone to slipping. Consider these options and choose the one that sounds appropriate:

  • hardwood floors, the most resilient option, such as best flooring timber melbourne
  • exquisite natural stoned flooring if your budget is expansive
  • porcelain tiled flooring which totally resembles wooden floors
  • luxury Vinyl which have recently made their way into the market are favored by many.
  1. Add houseplants as a centerpiece

Plants not only cleanse the air but they also enliven the place giving it a puff of life! Look for areas where you can place beautiful fresh plants, but don’t cram it up. Now if you think adding plants randomly would make a mess out of the place then consider placing a beautiful but big plant as the centerpiece. You can also plant some plants in the center thus alluring attraction of everyone who walks through the doors of the lobby.

  1. Mirror mirror on the wall

If you are looking forward to decorating your office or apartment lobby then, why not make it more beautiful during the process? Be creative and don’t be nervous to hang anything that will adorn the wall even more. Ever thought about the magic mirrors could gift to your walls? Do it and then you will not be able to divert your stare for a moment. An abstract giant mirror with an underlying element of mysticism will call out for attention. If you think mirrors wouldn’t be the best option owing to their fragility then something as simple as digital pictures can also do the job.

  1. Make it a drool worthy site

In case the lobby space is big and you want to decorate it with unique and astonishing accessories then go for it! To give it a cool look, install a mini mountain or even an artificial garden complete with grass and trees. Rest assured, all your visitors would be left completely awe-struck as it would seem a no less than a fantasy land to them.

  1. A coat hanger for extra comfort

Do your city expect consistent rainfall summed by chills? To look out for your guests and visitors install a coat rack in the entrance. Available in a range of designs, this will add into the décor of your lobby while keeping it clutter-free.

If you are a person who loves to own furnishings with intricately detailed work, get tables and chairs for your lobby which would do all the talking. Happy decorating your lobby to you!

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