9 Advantages Of Suburb Living That Cities Just Won’t Give

It is often said that ‘children are the future’. This is very well true since they will be active members of our community tomorrow. Hence, it is imperative that we focus on their upbringing and the environment they are exposed to today. Suburbs have become a popular option for many families for this very reason. Have you also been considering a move to the suburbs?

We have compiled that suburbs have the edge over cities and why moving there will be a good idea for your family:

More playgrounds and other public spaces

Suburbs are usually occupied by families with children, and since they form a majority of the population, one will find many facilities that cater to them such as playgrounds, libraries and community centers.

Healthy relationship with nature

While concrete and high rise buildings define cities, suburbs are much greener. This allows children to develop a positive relationship with nature. Many pieces of research have also found a positive correlation between physical health and proximity to green spaces with marked improvements in stress levels and overall quality of life. Moving companies in Frederick MD are also available to provide moving and storage solutions for places away from the city’s hustle bustle.

Spacious houses

The closer one moves to the city, the smaller houses become. Also, while apartments are the standard living arrangements in the city, suburbs comprise mostly of private housing resulting in more space for every person. Individual housing also tends to be more autonomous as one can use their backyard as they deem fit. One can build a swimming pool, patio or a vegetable garden on their property. These options are rarely possible in city apartments.

Less crowded

Since cities are the hub of employment, they tend to be much more crowded than suburbs. This sometimes means that many people often share the same number of resources, usually resulting in more competition for one opportunity, such as securing admission in a great school.

 High Safety

A primary concern for parents is the safety of their children. While cities are more secure than they have ever been, suburbs overall still continue to be safer. This serves as a huge respite for parents as they do not have to worry about potentially dangerous situations such as fast-moving traffic.

Less pollution

One reason that cities seem less desirable to families is due to high pollution levels. Air pollution and noise pollution have become significant problems in recent years. Furthermore, studies have long pointed out the long-term adverse effects pollution has on the physical and mental health of both adults and children.

Low levels of traffic

This is a significant advantage that suburbs hold over cities. An obvious risk associated with traffic is safety. However, even when traffic is not particularly fast-moving, it still causes a lot of noise pollution and commotion. This causes unnecessary strain on the daily lives of everyone; while working adults usually get used to this; children have a harder time adjusting to such situations.

Higher independent mobility

Since suburbs are a safe area, your children will not need adult supervision every time they go out. This means that your children will experience freedom here that is many times not possible in cities. High independent mobility has long-term benefits too; It encourages children to be more responsible and self-reliance as they learn to carry out small tasks themselves.

Community spirit

Interaction between neighbors ranges from minimal to non-existent in cities. While this works well for those who prefer low levels of communication, this is hardly the case for families with children. Healthy interaction with neighbors and the community, in general, serves as a great support in the time of need that ranges from urgent babysitting to natural disasters.

Clearly, suburbs hold some advantages over cities if you are raising a family and moving there sounds like a great idea. Take the help of moving company of Rockville MD to make your move easy and hassle-free!

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