9 Best Cities To Visit In Switzerland

The country of Switzerland is never in short supply when it comes to beautiful scenery. It is located in the Alps mountain range and is an excellent place to visit for those who love snow. Switzerland is a destination that offers a great culture, arts as well as culinary scenes. It is a small country but there is a lot to see and do here so you want to pack carefully. You can easily visit a lot of places through efficient public transport. Here are some of the best cities to visit in Switzerland.

The Best Cities to Visit in Switzerland

1. Geneva

Geneva is one of the most important cities in Switzerland and it is also a very important city for the entire world. The United Nations and the International Red Cross are located in Geneva. The appeal of the city goes beyond business and humanitarianism. It is known as the famous city of parks because of the lush greenery and there is a lot of space for you to relax. You can enjoy long walks to visit the clock and art museums. You can choose to explore Geneva on foot or by bike.

2. Lausanne

You can reach Lausanne from Geneva through a train and it will be worth the time. It is indeed one of the most memorable trips you can make if you start your holiday from Geneva. The International Olympic Committee is located here. It is also known for the best ski slopes in the world which are located right outside of Lausanne. The city is located on Lake Geneva and is famous for its outdoor markets. It is a famous destination for writers and there are vineyards closely which you can explore on foot.

 3. Bern

Known for its rich history, Bern is fun for travelers who like to spend time sightseeing. It is also well known for pastries and traditional Swiss sweets. When in Bern, make the most of historic architecture which goes back to the 12th century. Zythlogge is a clock tower that has puppets that move as the clock chimes and it is a big tourist attraction in Bern. Make the most of the 12th-century architecture while you are in Bern.

4. Zermatt

There is a lot to do in Zermatt. The small town in the mountain promises the best mountaineering adventures. It receives a lot of snow and has become popular for tourists who love sports activities. It remains crowded during the holiday season and is one of the places where you can enjoy summer skiing. If you are not into skiing, do not worry. There is a lot to see here as well. You can take a cable car to view the majestic mountain peak and get stunning views of the region. Savannah Collins from Interhome (https://www.interhome.co.uk/) says that Switzerland is a popular location for holiday because over half of the country is covered by the Alps and there is over 60,000 km of beautiful hiking trails. This is a very scenic and eco-friendly town.

5. Zurich

Your trip to Switzerland remains incomplete without visiting Zurich. It is a big city which has a mix of everything. A perfect place to get your fix of arts and culture. It has many museums and galleries for you to explore. And, it also has mountains as well as a lake for recreation. If you love hiking, you will thoroughly enjoy Zurich. You can also go boating on Lake Zurich and enjoy shopping at the best high-end boutiques in Zurich. There is a fun nightlife in Zurich which has made it one of the top spots for a party in all of Europe.

6.  Lucerne

Another enchanting city in our list of the best cities to visit in Switzerland, Lucerne has a water tower in addition to the historic bridge which speaks about the history of Switzerland. When in Lucerne, you will find a covered bridge, town squares, and an excellent view of the majestic Alps. Some landmarks of the beautiful city include Mt. Rigi, Lake Lucerne, Mount Pilatus amongst many others. The city is very friendly and you can easily get around here.

7. Arosa

Arosa is a lesser-known tourist attraction and the perfect place for skiing in Switzerland. It is a well-kept secret and is located in a remote location in the country. If you want fewer crowds and more scenery, Arosa is the place to be. There are luxury spa resorts located here and it is also known for the Wandern hiking trail, if you are interested in taking hikes in Switzerland. You can see the mesmerizing church Bergkirchli from here and soak in the best views. There is an annual music festival held in March which is attended by a lot of locals.

8. Basel

If you want to experience multiple cultures, head to Basel. It has an influence from French as well as German culture. Basel Art Museum is a major attraction here and the city is also known as the city of art. You will find many art galleries, theaters, and museums in town for you to explore. If you are in Basel, visit the Basel Paper Mill Museum.

9. Lugano

Lugano is a southern Swiss town which is known for the fresh air and warm summers. If snow and cold do not excite you, visit Lugano and you will not be disappointed here. It is also known for the famous Lugano classical music festival and is situated on the beautiful Lugano Lake. It is a top destination for celebrities from across the globe. You can relax and spend your time at Monte San Salvatore, Parco Civico as well as Monte Are and make the most of the stunning beauty of Lugano. A lot of tourists prefer to spend a day here when traveling between Italy and Switzerland.

There are numerous things to see and do when in Switzerland. It is home to some of the most breathtaking sights in the world and is one destination you should not miss out on. Switzerland is indeed picture perfect and it is as close to paradise as one can possibly get.  You’ll see for yourself when you visit these best cities to visit in Switzerland.

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