9 Decorating Ideas for Your Bedroom Makeover

Bedrooms are like homes within a home. It is the most personal and private space in any house and it’s one that should reflect the owner’s personality and preferences, especially when it comes to decorating the area. Revamping the bedroom space can get a little overwhelming. Start small with these bedroom decorating ideas and work from adding mirrors to changing the theme of the room itself:

Repurposed Night-Stands

More often than not, it only takes one simple piece of reimagined furniture to take a bedroom from boring to beautiful, and the humble nightstand is a simple yet perfect example of this. There are many inexpensive possibilities to making traditional nightstands as statement pieces in the bedroom: wooden barrels, an antique chair, a garden stool or even stacked suitcases and magazines. We’re sure you’ll find something that already exists at home that can settle as a repurposed nightstand.

Decorate with Mirrors

Apart from its functional purpose, a mirror could visually enlarge and light up a room if placed strategically. A large mirror placed next to windows reflects light in, enough to fill a whole room. Reflecting the ceiling mirrors also adds more depth. And, mirrors in the headboard create a focal point in a bedroom and make for a modern look. Gathering identical mirrors in at least one feature (shape, color, or frame finish) creates a decorative combo for wall accents. Choose a lighted vanity mirror from www.hollywoodmirrors.com to give your bedroom a glamorous look and still be functional.

Add Fairy lights

If you’ve been scrolling through Pinterest, Tumblr or Instagram, there’s a high chance you’ve come across fairy-lights. They’re usually tiny string lights on a thin copper wire and they make any space look magical and back-drop-worth. Stringing fairy lights across the wall can be used as a display for clipping polaroids, or light up shelves, headboards, and even ceilings.

Consider an overall theme

If the ethereal effect of fairy lights is appealing enough, take room designing up a notch with incorporating specific themes that match certain personalities or interests. Go medieval style with rich wood accents by collecting Renaissance-inspired decor. This theme is always dramatic and timeless. Or, go tropical with vibrant colors and floral patterns for an indoor summer feel. The possibilities are endless!

Decorate Dresser Tops

A well-organized dresser surface makes a room look and feel all put-together. A dresser top is such a personal space that it should reflect the room well. Decorate dressers with an anchor piece such as large photos, artwork, or mirrors so there isn’t a negative space above the dresser. Accentuate with flowers and candles to soften the space and buy organization pieces that fit well with the theme of the room or the dresser top.

Use Wallpapers as Artwork

Wallpapers are often known to make rooms look cluttered and small, but wallpapers are not just wall-coverings, they can make statement walls if you apply the right styles and techniques. One doesn’t even have to cover the entire wall, consider framing wallpapers and display it as a large artwork. Play with texture and stretch walls to ceilings or coordinate beddings with wallpaper patterns. Removable wallpapers are also available on the market if the commitment to wallpaper feels too much.

Go Minimalist

A minimalist approach is about keeping things clean and simple, and it has more benefits than just freeing up room space. So if a major decluttering⁠—physically, mentally, and emotionally⁠—is needed, minimalism is the philosophy to apply. Keep everything neat, add texture instead of art, and stick to monochromes. When going for a minimalist bedroom, it’s all about keeping everything relaxed with as few items as possible.

Spruce Up the Floor With Carpets

Floors can make the difference between cozy and productivity, or luxury and minimalist. Add a quirky rug as an easy way to liven up space. Play around with the texture and find something that looks great and feels good on your feet. Rugs can help set or emphasize the mood in a room instantly. Opting for boho vibes? Add a pink area rug. Going for a more tropical style? A vibrant rug goes well with potted indoor plants. Rugs don’t have to be boring with the right patterns and textures.

Try Out Unexpected Combinations

Interior design rules are meant to be broken when it comes to the bedroom, this is your private space after all. Go bold and play with contrasting colors, play with prints and textures, lean artworks on walls instead of hanging them, or use loose linen top sheets to make unmade beds still look aesthetic! Where else to best learn the rules and break ‘em than in decorating the bedroom?

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