9 Reasons Your Home Isn’t As Inviting As You’d Like

9 Reasons Your Home Isn't As Inviting As You'd Like

When you enter your home, is it only a matter of minute before you feel the worries of the day melting away, and you can relax? Or do you feel like it takes you much longer to relax in your home? Maybe there’s something missing. For a super relaxing feel in your home, it should look inviting in various ways. Knowing the reasons why your home isn’t as inviting as you would like it to be will help you to create a more inviting feel overall, so read on to find out more. Here are 9 reasons:

1. You Don’t Have Enough Color In Your Home

If you have a home that is pretty much all stark white or decorated in nothing but neutral colors, of course it isn’t going to look inviting! Having color in your home is one of the key ways to make it look more cozy and like somewhere you can relax.

All you need to do is make sure you choose warm colors, for the most part. Bright, cold colors like blue can still look great, but colors on the warmer side are far cosier and should help you to feel at ease in any room. Just remember that colors like red are somewhat warm, yet they can signal anxiety and panic in people as the color is associated with emergency. It may help if you look up ‘color moods’ before making your final decision.

2. You Don’t Have Enough Texture

Having texture in the home is one of the best possible ways you can make it inviting. You can never have too much texture. Aim to make each guest want to touch various things around the home as they come inside.

You can use faux fur, rugs, throws, cushions, blinds, curtains, and all kinds of other things to create the level of texture that you’re aiming for. Just make sure that none of the textures you include are going to aggravate your allergies. Certain materials, such as carpet, can trap dust and make allergies worse – many of them can actually be quite toxic.

3. There Aren’t Any Plants or Flowers

Plants and flowers help you to bring the outdoors inside, and this automatically makes a place look more inviting. They are attractive, and help to purify the air, making a healthier space. Not only that, many studies have proven that looking at plants and flowers makes us happier people. That settles it; you need them in your home! You could even include multiple plants in one room, as they tend to help add texture. Just make sure any plants you add are safe and healthy for kids and pets, and that they aren’t the kind of plants that will trap allergens and dust either.

If you don’t want to have to maintain plants, there are some pretty realistic looking options online. All you’ll have to do is make sure you keep them clean.

4. You Can’t Easily Control The Temperature Of Your Home

Being able to make your home cooler or warmer as a way to relax away from the freezing cold or blazing heat is important. It should be easy for you to control the temperature of your home. Certain fires and stoves can make it easy to make your home nice and warm, so if you don’t have anything like that currently it might help you to look at this Pellet Stove Guide and other guides to clue you up on what you need.

5. You Have Too Much Technology

Having lots of technology in every room is going to stress you out, whether you know it or not. Technology and the signals they give off can mess with your mental health, your sleep, and much more. This isn’t to say you should become Amish or anything – just be mindful of where you have technology in your home, and do your best to have a few rooms with no technology in them at all. Especially the bedrooms!

If possible, having a sort of lounge room where you can just sit and read a book, or even take part in a hobby such as drawing without being disturbed or distracted by technology.

6. You Haven’t Personalized It

Personalizing your home so that it feels like ‘yours’ is important. You want people to know that you live there, right? Put pictures of your family and loved ones on the wall and around the house. Use your favorite colors and patterns in the decor. Show off the souvenirs that you picked up from an amazing family vacation that you went on. The more you can include like this, the happier you’ll likely feel in your home.

7. It Doesn’t Smell Great

For your home to be as inviting as possible, it should smell great too. This doesn’t mean you have to bake fresh cookies and bread all day every day, but you should make an effort to use scents that will make your home feel cozier and more homely. Essential oils are wonderful because they are natural, non toxic, and can make your whole house smell incredible.

Candles are OK, but they can be toxic and definitely aren’t the healthiest or best way of making your home smell amazing.

8. You Can’t Control The Atmosphere In Your Home

Being able to create an atmosphere when you need to is important. If you’re stressed out from a long day at work and you can’t dim the lights to relax and fend off a mammoth headache, you’re going to end up even more stressed out. Having dimmer switches, and even pretty salt lamps can help to lend themselves to a great atmosphere in your home.

9. Your Home Lay Out Doesn’t Make A Lot Of Sense

If people trip over things to get around your house, something needs to change. Your home lay out should be smooth, and you should be able to get from room to room as easily as possible.

Do any of these reasons resonate with you?

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