9 Tips For Planning The Perfect Wedding Abroad

Once you’ve picked out the perfect wedding location overseas, the next step is planning your wedding that is miles away from your home. The advantage of having a wedding abroad is that you can enjoy a wedding and honeymoon at the same time and at the same location. Having your wedding overseas means you’ll have a much more intimidate ceremony. But before you get on the plane to get married to your partner in an exotic vacation, there are a few details to deliberate first.

  1.   Choosing An Eloquent Location

You need to take into consideration if your desired destination has the necessary resources you require. You need to make sure that there is adequate accommodation for your wedding guests.

  1.   Sending Out Your Invitations Well In Advance

This tip is well worth considering since your close friends and family must have enough time to evaluate whether they can afford the costs of traveling to your wedding ceremony and reception.

  1.   Incorporating Local Settings To Save

You can cut your décor budget by using local blooms. For example, think grape leaves and olive branches when in Tuscany or exotic flowers and plant species in the tropics. You can also opt for local delicacies or specialties to include in your menu to save on catering costs and to make the theme universal.

  1.   Taking Guests Into Consideration

Getting married in another country can be a costly affair, particularly for guests, that’s why you need to look at local accommodation options to find a reasonably priced hotel. You can consider a spot which is ten minutes away if the price is an issue. Don’t set your wedding date until you’re confident that there is enough room for everyone.

  1.   Hiring A Professional

Make sure you are enlisting the assistance of a coordinator or planner who specializes in destination weddings like romantic Myrtle Beach weddings or romantic getaways to Tuscany, Italy. This way, there’s no need to spend hours on the phone dealing with language barriers and trying to explain to someone halfway across the world about your flowers or other details relating to the ceremony.

  1.   Visiting Your Venue In Advance

Ideally, you’d need to visit your venue at least once before booking and again about three months before the ceremony. If a second trip is not possible, make sure you arrive at least five days earlier to make last-minute decisions and to do a makeup and hair trial.

  1.   Picking Vendors

Before your first trip to the site, set up meetings with local rental companies and florists. Also, ask for referrals when you arrive at the venue as you may discover a local talent that you were not aware of.

  1.   Budgeting For Vendors

If you’re using specialists from home, make sure you budget to accommodate their travel and lodging expenses in a safe hotel close to the venue.

  1.   Tailoring Your Wedding Dress To The Wedding Destination

Breathable and light fabrics work best in humid and hot tropical destinations.

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