9 Tips To Help You Choose The Right Pesticide For Your Home

A pesticide is a reliable way to get rid of pests in your home, garden or lawn. However, pesticides are made of toxic substances that pose significant risks to you and your family, your pests, the crops in your garden, and the environment at large. There are tonnes of pesticide types and brands to choose from, and this guide will help you select the right one:

Consider asking a professional for assistance

There are many pest control experts like Powerpestcontrol Toronto who will readily give you the right advice in choosing your pesticide. Contacting a professional is the sure way to select the most effective brand with a low toxicity level.

Where are the pests?

They could be in your kitchen, your baby’s room, affecting a pet, or in the garden. Consider where the pest is residing when choosing a pet to avoid causing collateral damage or selecting an ineffective pesticide.

Decide how much pest activity you can handle

If you live in a warm temperate region, there will always be some houseflies, mosquitoes, and fruit flies in your home. It may be impractical to get rid of all of them, but you can decide on just how much you can tolerate.

Research the pest giving you trouble

This may look straightforward, but most of them are incredibly tiny and difficult to differentiate. There are also different species. Check whether experts have identified it, and be sure to avoid losses due to wrong identification.

Look for a specific product

Most pesticides target specific insects or pests and indicate them on the label. For instance, acaricides are designed to kill ticks, mites and other arachnids. Be sure that the target is listed.

What are its ingredients?

Some pesticides are broad spectrum, while others target specific pests. Others require repetitive application to be effective. Check the label to ensure that the pesticide meets your needs.

Where your home is situated

Most pesticides are harmful to marine life or tend to bioaccumulate. If you live near a river, stream, or on a beach, you need to select a pesticide that does not affect fish and other creatures that are not targets. Other factors to consider are the wind, whether your home is sloping, and whether there is a playground nearby.

Determine what equipment you may need to dispense it

Most pesticides come in spray cans, but others need to be diluted and administered in a knapsack. The mode of dispensing will help you acquire the right protective gear, such as gloves, goggles, and boots.

The quantity you need

How much do you need to cover the infested area adequately? Be sure to acquire the right amount, and avoid buying excess. This excess might land in the wrong hands or may lose its effectiveness over time.


Selecting a pesticide is not entirely straightforward. To ensure that the pest infestation in your home is adequately dealt with, you need to select the most effective, yet safe product for your home.

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