9 Top Tools for Keen Gardeners

9 Top Tools for Keen Gardeners

Whether you’re new to gardening or you’ve always had a passion for it, there are certain tools that you won’t be able to live without. These are the staples that are required to create a beautiful garden space.

Here are nine top tools that any keen gardeners out there should keep in their outdoor sheds.

Drip Irrigation System

A drip irrigation manifold is an efficient way to keep your plants happy. It works by delivering water directly to the root zone of the plants, reducing water evaporation and the negative effects of wind drift that occurs when an overhead sprinkler or hose is used.


Gloves are one of the more basic items you’re going to need, but they are essential nonetheless. Wearing a thick pair of gloves while gardening will protect your hands from any nasty thorns or allergenic plant compounds. Remember to get a pair that fits your hands perfectly and is made out of high-quality, durable material for maximum protection.


Not to be confused with a dining fork, you’re going to need a sturdy garden fork to help you dig things up in your garden. You will use this when planting new flowers or performing garden renovations.


When fall comes around and the leaves begin covering your garden, you’re going to need a rake to keep your outdoor space clean and tidy. Metal rakes are generally much more durable than plastic options, so it’s worth spending a little extra money getting a steel tine rake.

Watering Can

When some of your flowers are looking dry and dehydrated, but you don’t want to plug in your hose or turn on your irrigation system, having a watering can to hand is going to be extremely helpful. They’re cheap and cheerful, and they can be found in your local gardening store.


If you need to move large volumes of soil or compost across your garden, having a strong wheelbarrow is going to save you a lot of time and energy moving it all yourself. There are a few different options including single-wheeled and double-wheeled, and ones with single and double handles, so find the style that suits your needs and preferences the best.


To keep your plants and bushes looking fresh and pretty, you’re going to need some secateurs. They are perfect for quickly pruning your garden plants and removing any unwanted weeds.

Hand Trowel

Your hand trowel can be used for any small jobs like digging up soil or unwanted plants, weeding, or potting. They’re cheap and easy to find, so grab yourself a trowel to keep in the garden shed next time you’re at the garden center.


To prevent your grass from growing too long, you’re going to need a lawnmower. You can also use this to create patterns in your grass to add an aesthetic touch to your garden.

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