A Brief Review About McAfee Internet Security 2020


The standards of antivirus programs available in the market change every year. McAfee was at the top of its game along with Norton Security. In 2020, McAfee is still considered one of the best choices for antivirus software. Even though there are a lot of competitors, McAfee is still able to provide us with top-notch antivirus protection and customer service.

A Brief Review About McAfee Internet Security 2020

One of the most famous brands of antivirus software in the market today is McAfee Antivirus, which is named after its creator John McAfee. The antivirus software swiftly rose to heights in the latter part of the ’90s. Now, the company is owned by Intel Security Group, which they purchased back in 2010.

As of today, McAfee is still a powerhouse in the world of cyber protection and has been in the market for almost 30 years. We cannot deny the fact that McAfee has given us high-quality protection. Today, in 2020, they have released yet another way of protecting your devices—the McAfee internet security, which we will be giving you a brief review about.

Why Pick McAfee Internet Security

McAfee has a lot of amazing features in store for us, including storing our passwords safely and the permanent deletion of personal information. In a recent test regulated by AV-TEST, the most recent product of McAfee got a whopping 98.1% of new malicious samples, and a 99.9% of existing malicious samples whereas the average is only 97% and 99% respectively.


The most basic product of McAfee called the McAfee Total Protection comes with a price of $49.99 per year, and it is a culmination for the different products of McAfee, which pulled features from various security solutions that they offer in their other products.


The support is very easy to get. You can either choose among phone support, email support, and chat support which are all available for 24 hours a day. On a busy day, the average wait time would only be two minutes before you get connected to a representative in McAfee.

Operating System

  • Microsoft Windows – Windows 7 SP1, 8, 8.1, and 10
  • Mac – Mac OS X 10.12 or more recent.
  • Android – Android smartphones and tablets with versions 4.1 or higher.
  • iOS – iOS 10 or more recent.


As we have said earlier, McAfee Internet Security is packed with a lot of great features. It even went as far as to build a feature that would stop you from spreading malicious programs and spam. These are just some of the features that this antivirus software has to offer:


1. Privacy Page


This is a new feature that McAfee has implemented that will present itself in the Privacy page of McAfee Internet Security. When you want to control your passwords, you will find that it will open your default browser and suggest to you to install the True Key browser extension.


2. Spam Levels System


Another feature on this list is spam filtering. Users should just leave the level of spam protection at its default, balanced level.


3. Parental Content Filter


This feature creates a list of blocked and permitted sites that is based on your child’s age.


4. Parental Time Scheduling


McAfee Internet Security gives power to the parents in controlling their child’s access to the internet in only a specific time.


5. Spyware Removal


Malware acquires your sensitive information like banking credentials, credit card numbers, and your passwords secretly. So, with the help of McAfee Internet Security, it will remove every harmful spyware that is hiding in your computer.


6. l-TimeRea Protection


This feature is constantly monitoring your systems, and blocking off any malicious programs before it gets to your hard-drive.


7. Web Protection


Web Protection is responsible for detecting websites and determining whether they can be trusted or not. This feature also blocks off malware sites and malicious downloads.


So, with everything said, we can safely say that McAfee Internet Security will surely provide you with ample web protection, parental control, and protection for your privacy. After reading everything that we have written in this article, did it persuade you to try McAfee Internet Security? It is all up to you, but just keep your mind open to what this antivirus software has to offer.

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