A Detailed Guide for an Epic New Zealand Road Trip

If you like spending your holiday enjoying the most beautiful scenery every single day and are open to new adventures, driving around the roads of New Zealand is the perfect solution for you. Many travelers say that this has been a life-changing experience for them, and once you find yourself going across this beautiful land, you want to come back again and again. New Zealand is portrayed in many movies, which is why so many people have this picturesque place on their wish list. Therefore, visiting New Zealand by car is the best way to see all that beauty, discover unknown roads, and enjoy nature. 

Make a plan

First, explore different cities and landmarks you want to visit in advance. Many travelers like to fly to Auckland and start their trip there. This can be convenient because all the major roads lead to this town and you can go anywhere you want from there. This is a perfect place to get to know everything about different routes and make your perfect route plan. 

If you haven’t created a plan in advance, try talking to locals and asking for their recommendations. Visit tourist information stands, learn more about the biggest tourist attractions in the area, and find out what you need to visit. If you’re into movies, for instance, you can include different filming locations into your itinerary and take photos where your favorite scenes were filmed.

Find a car

Many companies offer car rental services to tourists and you can even get a comprehensive guide for your trip as well. Start by finding the car that will be right for your trip and suit every location you’d like to go to. Think about different types of roads and their accessibility, and choose a car based on that. 

Once you find the best car rental in Auckland, look into ways to get a car and drop it off after you reach your location. Some companies offer you an opportunity to pick your car at the airport, use an app to book a vehicle, and many other helpful things. You can ask for the best routes and get some great tips on how to drive across the land you’ve never visited before.

Learn the road rules

Driving in another country is always a tricky task, so you need to learn all the road and safety rules to prevent anything bad from happening. First of all, get an international driver’s license and make sure you learn everything there is to know about getting one before your travel. People in New Zealand drive on the left side of the road, which can be a bit difficult to get used to in the beginning, especially if you’re never driven this way before, but you’ll get used to it after a few miles. 

One thing that’s probably the hardest to take in is the lack of highways, particularly if you plan on driving across the country and want to get to your locations as soon as possible. Also, there are many gravel roads that are amazing and perfect for people who want to explore the untouched nature of New Zealand.

Be aware of the weather

Weather is one of those things that can ruin your trip, but fighting it is sometimes impossible. If you book a tour that includes spending time out near the ocean, be aware that it can be canceled at the last minute. Notorious weather changes struck suddenly and without any signs, so tourists need to be prepared for last-minute changes. 

Before you set off, though, you should check out weather conditions, especially if you’re traveling during winter, just to avoid being stranded in the middle of the road. Make sure you bring all the necessities if you’re traveling with your family. Narrow mountainous roads can turn out to be rather difficult to navigate, even for people who know these roads by heart and drive there every day. Drive slowly and try to be as careful as you can.

The hardest thing you’ll have to do is find the places you’ll want to visit. With so many beautiful sights all around New Zealand, you’ll have a tough job singling out just a few. No matter which road you choose to go to, though, you’ll surely enjoy your trip and witness some of nature’s finest work.

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