A Guide To Pick the Best Piano Mover Company In New Jersey

A Guide To Pick the Best Piano Mover Company In New Jersey

Moving your piano might be a big deal, in more ways than one if it is something you adore. Its sheer size and value need to be taken into account when you want to move it. The process can be a difficult one if you are not prepared well. To move your piano safely, you must hire a company specialized in such work. It will ensure the work is done quickly and efficiently. 

In New Jersey, you will find many piano moving companies that guarantee perfect work. To hire the best company, you need to research more to pick the best one. 

Researching will help you find quality piano movers to handle your precious piano or pianos, safe and sound from pickup to delivery. It will also ensure to keep your building safe as well, including walls, stairs, and door frames. To pick the right company make sure you go through all the following tips. 

Types of Piano Matters

First, you need to know more about your piano to hand it over to the most suitable company. Pianos have changed much over the time of the instrument’s three hundred year history. Though the basic workings are the same as before, hammers strike the strings to make the tune, the overall look has changed over the centuries. 

Sometimes the changes are brought to accommodate the specific sound of the piano, other times to give it a smaller size so that it may fit in a particular space. The wide variety makes the piano moving job a little different. Though you will find similarities in today’s pianos, it is categorized into two basic types: upright or vertical, and grand or horizontal. 

You need to remember that with each piano you will have to face different challenges as well as requirements as they are different in weight, height, and size. So, hire specialized services from professional piano movers in NJ after knowing whether they are suitable for your piano type or not. If you want to choose the right company for moving your valuable instrument, don’t forget to read customer reviews on their website. Continue reading to learn more.

Selecting a Piano Moving Company

To select a piano moving company in New Jersey, you will have to make sure to follow steps:

Studying Online Reviews

Online reviews might be helpful, but try to believe them with a grain of salt. Research as much as possible before you knock or hire the company. Go through their website and review customer comments before you decide whether the company is right for you. Do not just trust the review rather visit their company to check their work method and job position.

Asking for a Referral

Referrals are generally the best bet to find a piano mover company to trust. As a piano lover, you probably know someone who has a piano. Ask them if they had hired any piano moving company, and what are their experience with them.

Or, you can call a piano store to know who they use for moving their piano. Asking a question like that might be a better way rather than asking for their recommendation, because, they might name more than one company to remain fair. So, when you are willing to reach the heart of the matter, knowing who they trust will be the best.

You can ask your piano tuner as well if you are moving to the same locality. They are already in the business and have experience in this field besides, fixing the pianos if they break during a move. So, you can get recommendations from them as well!

Being honest

When you call a piano moving company, make sure you are being honest about your situation. Give them proper information. More information will help them understand your situation better, and they will come prepared accordingly. 

They can not bring the right equipment as well as the manpower with them if you do not share the correct information. For instance, they will need to come with a different dolly if you need to move your instrument across a grassy area rather than a surface that is all paved. 

If you have a baby grand piano, it can be moved by two people when the surface is flat and there are only a couple of steps. But, you might need at least 3 people if it is anything more complicated and intricate than that. You may take a short video or pictures and send them to the piano mover so that they can come up with a proper plan. A good piano mover will always appreciate this kind of information.

Understanding Insurance Policy

When selecting a piano moving company, ask if they are insured. Make sure to know about their insurance covers. Ask to provide proof of insurance, when you are not so sure about them, so that you may feel comfortable. 

Ask your insurance company (homeowner or renter) what is covered under your insurance policy, in case, you have to claim damage. It will ensure your peace of mind as well as help you have all the facts known before you make any hiring decision.

Trusting Your Gut

If you have a sentimental issue along with financial investment in the piano, then make sure to trust your gut while hiring a moving company. You will need someone who understands you and moves your instrument as safely as possible. Hire someone with experience as they will be fully prepared and know how to do their job well.  

A moving company that moves large pieces of furniture, as well as appliances, might not be able to do the job well. You will need a specialist to ensure your instrument’s proper safety. So, hire a piano moving company that is experienced in that specific job as their main focus will be to keep your piano safe and intact. Research the companies, and then pick the best one for your work.

Being Prepared When the Movers Arrive

You have to play your part well when the movers arrive at your home. You can not just sit and wait for the process to complete. Take part where you are needed You have to remain aware the whole time so that you do not regret later missing anything out.

Being Ready

Make sure you are there when the piano movers arrive to pack and unpack the piano. When they are packing it up, they will note if there is any damage or scratches to your piano that requires fixing. You may take pictures as well. Make sure to keep the unnecessary objects away that are left on the piano or piano bench as they might need to be packed up too. For safety’s sake, keep the kids as well as the pets out of the way while moving your piano in and out.

Selecting the Location

Select the location beforehand so that they do not have to wait when they arrive with your instrument. Know where you want your precious item to be placed. Keep the path clear to make the process go smoothly. While placing your piano in the location you have selected, make sure to let them know how you want to place it. As you will be the person to select the location, pick the best location. 

Finishing It Nicely

After everything is set, finish it properly. Give them the service fee or the promised money, and ask them if they want to rest a bit. It is just to be a little polite to those who have worked for you for hours. Check everything is fine and make sure to thank them as they leave.


When you select a piano moving company, remember to check their website and experience level as mentioned above. Do not just hire any company. Do proper research. After hiring one, give them all necessary details including the type of piano that needs to be moved, its height or length, the pickup as well as the delivery addresses, along with the moving date. 

Make them alert of the stairs, turns, landings, and other obstacles that they may have to face in the way while moving your instrument. Follow the tips above, and ensure the whole process goes smoothly without any hindrance.

Best of luck!

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