A Guide To Preventive Maintenance of Garage Doors

Garage doors make an important addition to the home. Metro Garage Door Repair, a top garage door repair and installation company revealed that homes with garage doors installed sell faster and at a higher value. Aside from the economic aspect of garage door installation, garage doors improve the aesthetic appearance of the property while also conferring a higher level of security on the home. Additionally, preventive maintenance of garage doors will help ensure the value of your home.

All in all, similar to all other installations in the home, there is a need to pay attention to the maintenance requirement of the garage door as this can affect the lifespan and overall performance of the garage door. To help you stay updated with the maintenance requirement of the garage door and also to improve the lifespan of the installation, below are some of the things you need to know and pay attention to.

Top Garage Door Preventative Maintenance Tips

Seeing as a new garage door can cost anywhere around $3,000, depending on the style and material used, it is important to take proper care of this expensive investment. As always, prevention is better than cure and is way less expensive. To save you from the financial demands of repairs, below are some of the recommended maintenance tips.

1. Inspect Your Garage Door Often

One of the most recommended ways to ensure that your garage door remains in a functional state is to regularly inspect it. By inspecting the garage door, chances are high that you may be able to catch some problems early on before they lead to complicated damages which may require expensive fixes.

As part of the inspection routine, pay attention not only to what you see but what you hear. In some cases, some concealed parts of the garage door may begin to break down but not without giving signs in the form of strange noises. When you begin to hear strange noises from your garage door, this is an indication that breakdown is imminent and it makes more sense to call on a garage door repair expert like Metro Garage Door Repair to take a look.

2. Clean the Garage Door

While most people ignore these obvious maintenance practices, cleaning the garage door can help you prolong its lifespan and also ensure that it remains in good performance quality. In most cases, dust and dirt may build up in certain areas of the garage door and this may impede its performance. By routinely cleaning the garage door, you stand a chance against the dirt and dust buildup and also enjoy cheaper maintenance.

3. Check the Garage Door for Safety

Your garage door is a huge moving object and this means that its movement may lead to an accident of any form when it is not properly operating. To prevent accidents, it is recommended that you should periodically check for the safety of the garage door. Checking for safety can include checking if the garage door slides or runs down faster than it should. In a case where the garage door slides down faster than normal, there may be a problem with the string or the roller. It is recommended to call on a garage door repair expert to look into this.

4. Keep The door Parts Lubricated

A lot of garage door problems result from improper lubrication or friction. Seeing as the garage door has a lot of moving parts, you should ensure at all times that those parts are properly lubricated. A good way to learn about lubricating parts is to speak to your garage door repair and installation expert.

5. Keep the Garage Door Balanced

The garage door relies on balance to properly secure the home and contents in the garage. If you notice that your garage door has begun to tilt, this may indicate a problem with the roller and requires prompt attention from your repair expert. In some cases, merely parts replacement may be needed to get the garage door back to its right working order.

Top Signs You Need To Repair Your Garage Door

While preventative maintenance is always recommended, there are some damages or faults that can only be prolonged. However, catching these faults or damages earlier on can also help you reduce the extent of damage and also reduce the amount spent on repairs.

To help you do preventive maintenance on garage doors, it is important to notice the signs indicating the need for repair service to be carried out. If it’s making a lot of noise, the balance is off, or you notice the door is bent or out of shape, it may be time to look into repairs.

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