A Helpful Guide For Choosing The Right Decking Material

Decking is an excellent upgrade to the exterior of your home and garden, but it can become quite the challenge when you are faced with the decision of which one will be best suited for your requirements as there are a few options to choose from.

Types of decking timber

There are there main types of decking materials to choose from:

  • Softwood
  • Hardwood
  • Composite
  1.    Softwood

Softwood decking timber comes from fast-growing trees such as pine which is easily replaceable, and this type of wood is generally the cheapest material option, but it has some disadvantages. The wood is not as durable as hardwood and composite and won’t last as long. It also requires regular maintenance.

Top points you should consider relating to softwood:

  • A cost-effective material
  • Easily installed
  • Requires regular maintenance such as cleaning and treating with sealant
  • Lasts up to twenty-five years when well maintained
  • Color and finish options are easily changed
  1.    Hardwood

Hardwood decking timber is made from slower growing trees for example Oak which can be a lot scarcer and usually your most expensive decking option. These woods are aesthetically favourable and require less maintenance than softwood. It can be highly advantageous to speak to your deck specialists before obtaining your preferred decking material to ensure that it is the right option according to your specifications.

Top points you should consider relating to hardwood:

  • The most expensive decking material
  • Harder material to work with
  • Requires less maintenance as opposed to softwood
  • Can last for fifty years or more
  • Looks the most impressive
  1.    Composite

Composite decking is a more contemporary decking option which is made from both plastic and wood and due to this unique blend of material it can offer exceptional aesthetic value and carry features that regular wood can’t. This material is long-lasting and requires little maintenance.

Top points to consider relating to Composite

  • This material can be costly.
  • Available in both decking tile or board options
  • The material is least likely to develop algae growth or mold
  • Easily maintained
  • The material can’t be stained, or the color changed.
  • Some tiles can come with LED lights built-in.

Additional tips for getting the deck of your dreams

Anti-slip decking

You may want to consider anti-slip decking inserts for high-risk slip areas on your deck, for instance, a hot tub or if you live in an area with a lot of rainfall or wet conditions.

Decking ideas

Before making any final decisions on material, design and other features, do your research. Search the web for innovative ideas, tips and tricks to ensure that your deck looks amazing and provides the right functionality that best fits your needs.

Extra features such as seating, storage and lighting can make a significant difference in the appeal and optimization of your deck.

Shop around

Compare prices at your local retailers and be on the look-out for special offers and discounts on the decking. You might save a few pennies that can be utilized elsewhere.

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