A House That Hampers Free Breathing? Beware Before You Buy!

A home is like a breath of fresh air for us. And rightfully so. It is our haven where we can take a deep breath and relax. Home is where our family is – and we always like to keep the place as unadulterated as possible. And when it comes to something as important as the air we inhale, we would want to be doubly sure about it! Have you ever considered getting the air condition of a house checked before you buy or move in?!

Now we all know that most places on earth are subject to air pollution – and we are trying to come to terms with it, and deal with the situation the best way possible. From wearing face masks to installing air purifiers in our home – we are trying to take the situation to our stride as much as possible. But the trouble we are anticipating is far worse than that. Like, have you considered radon home inspection, or if the paint in your new home has lead fumes, or smells of mold and mildew?!

Dangerous hidden factors that can cause extreme stress on your respiratory health

The excitement of purchasing a new home can sometimes be blinding. We tend to limit our thoughts and dreams on the interior, décor, planning etc. Number of bedrooms, size and number of bathrooms, size and capacity of kitchen, latest fittings, fixtures and gadgets – these thoughts cloud and overpower our minds. We often tend to overlook vital points. And sadly, once the move is complete, gradual problems in health lead us to discover such issues. And remedies may not be easy! You may even need to vacate the premises in worse cases to restore livable indoor air quality. To avoid so much hassle, it is recommended that you consider getting your home inspected beforehand. A home inspector should be able to put your fears to rest.

Radon gas

Radon is a silent killer. Why? Because, the harmful gas cannot be easily spotted since it has neither odor nor color. This makes it even more dangerous. Studies have proved that — at elevated levels, radon gas is considered to be one of the primary factors contributing to the development of lung cancer in people who regularly inhale the gas. Radon gas can be only identified through its test. This makes the inspection report extremely vital. Radon mitigation processes can be followed to reduce the concentration of it from the air you breathe in – however, complete elimination is a far fetched dream.

Lead Fumes

Lead based paints and fixtures have been banned only in the recent times. As such, if you are buying a preowned property, there may be a chance of lead remaining within the paint, the pipes, the faucets and similar fixtures. When the paint chips, the fumes get released to the air. If the pipes etc. have lead in it, it can contaminate the water flowing through it. Even if you renovate such homes, breaking down walls and taking down pipes can release lead dust into your homes.

Odor from molds

Mold testing is an important part of home inspection. Molds grow within walls, under your carpet, in dark hidden areas that are damp and moisture laden – often, they spread a musty odor. Mold can be identified either visually, or by sending air sample to a laboratory. Mold elimination is a must before residing in a place, or else inmates may suffer from allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems.

Release of asbestos fibers to the air

Asbestos abatement is a must before you move in to any home, for this material has been linked as a reason to various life-threatening illnesses like mesothelioma and lung cancer. Asbestos was also widely used previously due to durability and low cost. So, testing homes for its presence becomes a must. Make sure that the testing is conducted in a laboratory that is licensed for asbestos testing.

Common allergens

A major cause of allergies and respiratory disorders in children and adults alike have been found in the toxin that’s being generated because of the daily house chores. The generation of particles through cooking, cleaning and other chores often accumulate on the walls. This is also a hidden cause of air pollution and major health issues for us too. These residual particles in our homes are also hidden cause of serious illnesses. A thorough, professional cleaning on a regular interval should be carried out to prevent these issues.

Carbon monoxide

Wood burning fireplaces, charcoal barbecue grills, furnaces – the sources of carbon monoxide in a house can be many. Inhaling it on a regular basis on a high percentage can result in severe damage to our system. Make sure your home inspector detects the percentage of its presence in the house, and suggest remedies to remove or reduce it, if needed.

We keep reading a lot of articles about air quality, air pollution etc. However, we don’t always ponder deeply about it. An indoor air quality inspection can at times be an eye opener for many of us. Make sure you stay aware to stay healthy!

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