A Must Have Resource to Grow Your Creative Business

When you’re trying to grow your creative business, it can feel like a lonely path. Especially for crafts people who are focusing on selling online. It doesn’t matter weather you’re new to selling your handmade products or been at it for years. Everyone can benefit from some good advice and inspiration for others like themselves. That’s where Handmade Seller Magazine comes in. I think once you learn about it, you’ll find it to a must have resource to help you grow your creative business.

Grow Your Creative Business with Handmade Seller Magazine

When I first learned about Handmade Seller Magazine, I was excited. Good business resources like this are rare. Yes, there are books and online courses you can find. You can join Etsy groups or Facebook groups. But, still, this magazine continues to deliver up-to-date training and inspiration on a regular basis like no other resource does. Magazines are great at keeping you updated with the latest trends. This one won’t disappoint  you. It shows you exactly what successful handmade business owners are doing now to succeed. With has quickly as things change with online selling and marketing on social media, it’s nice to know there’s a resource staying current to shifts in the market.

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You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

Instead of struggling on your own, you have an opportunity to learn from others that have success in their business. Why would you want to? Because it helps you:

  • Build your confidence and find clarity in your direction.
  • Follow steps that have been tested and proven. No more guessing in the dark.
  • Become inspired and stay motivated by sellers like you, who have accomplished what you want to accomplish (if they can do it, you can do it!).
  • Get to know other sellers in the industry (you’re not alone!). No more feeling like you’re the odd, lonely duck, out of water.

In a recent email from the magazine they shared with me a list of handmade artists that are making it happen:

  • Margo: This 16-year-old got her products into 400 stores.
  • Cheri: She gets 500 new email signups per day.
  • Julia: She was featured in 3 major magazines.
  • Jackie: She switched to selling wholesale and exploded her business.
  • Amy: She grew her business through memorable product packaging.

A Magazine Made for You


Grab a sample issue and see quickly how Handmade Seller Magazine will help grow your creative business! Once you take a look, you’ll be wanting to keep reading with a subscription. By the way the yearly subscription  for $44.99 or lifetime for $129.99. Both, also, includes access to the back issues, too! Or, you can purchase the current issue for $4.99.

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Additional Perks for Subscribing

You not only get a magazine packed with tips and ideas to growing your beloved business, you will also gain entry to their community on Facebook, chances to be featured, and support and help from other peers.

I think every handmade business owner needs an tool box. That tool box contains resources available to them that will make their business thrive and grow. Handmade Seller Magazine is a gem of a resource.

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